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Pinedale Online > News > February 2006 > Sublette County Demographics
Sublette County Demographics
Employment, population, income, workforce
February 9, 2006

We recently had someone ask for a list of who the major employers are in Sublette County and how many employees they have. We are not aware of a public list that specifies information to this detail. The Chamber will gladly give you their business member list which includes most of the major employers in the area, or you can get it off their website, but that doesnít give you how many employees these businesses each have. The Wyoming Department of Employment (WYDOE) knows how many employees each business reports, but itís not something they give out to the public and media.

In Sublette County, the recent oil and gas boom over the past five years has significantly changed the order of who the big players are for employers from what it was before the boom. Many of these big companies donít have home offices in the county, making data gathering even more difficult to obtain numbers on employees because the data is gathered in another county. Typically, information available from government sources is at least 2-5 years out of date, which makes the data old and inaccurate quickly with the dynamic growth we are seeing in Sublette County now.

What we can give is general categories for the major employers by industry in the county, based on WYDOE data. Below is the most current information we have on major employers by industry in Sublette County, based on 2003 information.

Government 696 (Forest Service, BLM, Game & Fish, others)
Mining 393 (natural gas, oil industry)
Retail Trade 269
Accommodations 269
Health Care 122
Professional Services 92
Agriculture 64
Finance & Insurance 58
Transportation 44
Manufacturing 42
Information 31
Real Estate & Rental 28
Arts/Entertainment 21
Administrative Services 16
Other Services 56

Other Sublette County Data:
Total Population: 6654 (2004 US Census Bureau estimate)
Median Age: 39.8
Males: 51%
Females: 49%
65 years of age and over: 12%
High School Grad or higher: 89%
Median Family Income (2003): $49,314
Families in Poverty (1999): 7.4%
Labor Force (2002): 3501
Employed (2002): 3411

Government workers: 20%
Private wage & salary workers: 70%
Self-Employed: 9%
Unpaid family workers: 1%

More sources for demographic information:
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Pinedale Online > News > February 2006 > Sublette County Demographics

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