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Pinedale Online > News > December 2005 > The Pinedale Books are HERE!

Pinedale Books are here. Photo by Clint Gilchrist, Pinedale Online.
Pinedale Books are here
Author Ann Noble, and Millie Pape from the Museum of the Mountain Man, get orders for the Pinedale book ready to ship to customers. The missing 1700 books finally arrived on Thursday.
The Pinedale Books are HERE!
by Dawn Ballou
December 22, 2005

Books can be purchased at Office Outlet, Cowboy Shop, Faler's or on the Museum website,

Thereís a certain delivery truck driver that is really happy the lost books were found, Ďcause he knew heíd better not cross the border into Wyoming again without them!

The long-awaited book by local historian Ann Noble and the Museum of the Mountain Man, "Pinedale, Wyoming: A Centennial History, 1904 Ė 2004," has been three years in the making. The book went to press just before Thanksgiving and 300 rush copies were shipped from the publisher in Wisconsin to be here in time for the two book signings in early December. The 442-page, full-color book, is a limited edition, with only 2000 copies printed of this very special book.

The first 300 books sold like hot cakes within the first two days at the book signings. People were very understanding about being placed on the waiting list, and the Museum has been getting calls and online orders every day.

The remaining 1700 books were supposed to be here last Thursday, but each day the truck came to town and no books. It took many phone calls, and personal intervention by the Lawson the NPT truck driver, to finally get them to Pinedale today, and that almost didnít happen.

The Museum has been calling the trucking company every day, to be assured the books would be here the next day. But, each day, "sorry, no books." The books were apparently loaded on the wrong truck and have been sitting in Salt Lake City since Monday. Our Pinedale delivery truck driver helped find the missing books and personally unloaded all the boxes from the wrong truck last night and loaded them all into his truck so they would get to the Museum today.

There has been a lot of behind the scenes scrambling by people all week between the Wisconsin publishing company and all points between to Salt Lake City, Utah, to track the missing shipment. A real Wyoming posse was being prepared to head to Salt Lake City in the afternoon if the books didnít arrive on todayís truck.

The Museum wants to express their thanks to all the people who have so patiently waited, and held off buying duplicate copies of the book until the rest of the shipment arrived. Author Ann Noble is signing the rest of the copies that were special ordered at the two book signings, and all pre-orders will be sent out ASAP. The Museum is closed for the winter, but anyone who has been on the waiting list can call the Museum (367-4101) and leave a message if they want to personally pick up their book. Millie will get back with you to arrange delivery.

We also want to point out that all proceeds from the sale of this book go to help the Museum of the Mountain Man. Author Ann Noble was hired by the Museum to write the book and she was paid a flat salary by the Museum. The research and writing was expected to take two years and funding only covered that amount of her time. Due to the incredible amount of research required, it took a year longer than expected to research and write the book. Ann contributed a full extra year of her time working on the book without additional pay, and she will not receive any of the proceeds from the book sales. All money will go to benefit the Museum.

Books are available to purchase in Pinedale at the Cowboy Shop, Falerís General Store and Office Outlet (both Pinedale and Big Piney stores). Cost is $65 each, plus tax. Books can be ordered online through the Trading Post on the Museum of the Mountain Manís website, Museum members can take advantage of their 10% member discount by ordering the book through the Museum (call and leave a message or go through the website.)

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Pinedale Online > News > December 2005 > The Pinedale Books are HERE!

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