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Pinedale Online > News > August 2005 > Historical Researchers wanted
Historical Researchers wanted
Project to identify and document all remaining homestead structures in Sublette County
August 14, 2005

The Sublette County Historic Preservation Board (SCHPB) is advertising to hire a person or persons to help identify and document all remaining homestead structures in Sublette County. The project, expected to run for a year from September, 2005 to August, 2006, is being funded by a recent $38,000 grant from the Sublette County Commissioners.

"The project work can be split among several applicants or conducted all by one person," said SCHPB member Clint Gilchrist. Research involves photo-documentation, surveys, GPS location of sites and structures, oral interviews and written documentation of current condition and history. "Documenting historic structures and sites increases the chance that current and future owners will preserve them instead of destroying them. Even assets that eventually deteriorate or are destroyed will be preserved in pictures and documentation," said Gilchrist.

The SCHPB is a public board of volunteers appointed by the Sublette County Commissioners for the purpose of aiding in the preservation of the community’s historic assets. The board is set up under the Certified Local Government (CLG) program administered by the National Park Service and the Wyoming State Historic Preservation Office (SHPO).

The SCHPB is encouraging preservation by creating the Sublette County Preservation Award. As part of a 5-year project which started in 2005, the board will create a systematic documentation of the historic assets of Sublette County. A Preservation Award will be given to up to ten properties each year that are historically significant and are being preserved. Homesteads were chosen as the first theme for the preservation awards. Research from this project will produce a complete list of remaining homestead assets eligible for the Preservation Award. Future projects will be Ranches in 2006, Public & Government in 2007, Residential in 2008, Commercial in 2009, and Sites in 2010.

Public funds for preservation are typically only allotted to structures or sites of high historical significance. That generally leaves preservation of old homestead structures to the property owner. The SCHPB hopes to reward property owners for their preservation efforts by recognizing their efforts to encourage preservation by other owners. The Sublette County Preservation Award does not represent any state or national recognition for a property. However, the research as part of the nomination report may aid a property in nomination for other recognition, such as National Register nominations.

Preservation Awards for the yearly theme will be given to the property owners at a public presentation. The awards will be a 16 inch bronze plaque in the shape of Sublette County with the property name and a brief description.

Application deadline for the Historical Researcher is Monday, August 15th, so time is short to apply for anyone interested who has not heard about the project. For more information call Clint at 307-367-6763 or e-mail:

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Pinedale Online > News > August 2005 > Historical Researchers wanted

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