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Pinedale Online > News > July 2005 > July 23 National Day of the American Cowboy

Cowboys get their day. Photo by Pinedale Online.
Cowboys get their day
Saturday, July 23, is 'National Day of the Cowboy.' Pinedale Online photo.
July 23 National Day of the American Cowboy
July 22, 2005

The American Cowboy now has his own day! On May 12th, the United States Senate voted to pass Resolution 85, declaring the fourth Saturday in July as the National Day of the Cowboy. This day recognizes the cowboy and cowgirl for their enduring contribution to the courageous, pioneering spirit of America. The resolution was introduced by Sen. Craig Thomas (R-Wyoming), with several western state co-sponsors.

Senator Thomas said, "Cowboys were not only integral in settling the West and laying the foundation for America as we know it, but they continue to play an important role in the fabric of our country. Their contributions enrich our communities, cultivate our businesses and strengthen our families every day. The American Cowboy represents those aspects of American life we hold dear: independence, freedom and responsibility. In Wyoming, the Cowboy is not only a legend of the Old West, but an important piece of everyday life. For these reasons, I introduced a resolution designating July 23, 2005, and July 22, 2006, as 'National Day of the American Cowboy.' It is time for the American Cowboy to be recognized."

* Designating July 23, 2005, as `National Day of the American Cowboy’.
* Whereas pioneering men and women, recognized as cowboys, helped establish the American West;
* Whereas that cowboy spirit continues to infuse this country with its solid character, sound family values, and good common sense;
* Whereas the cowboy embodies honesty, integrity, courage, compassion, respect, a strong work ethic, and patriotism;
* Whereas the cowboy loves, lives off of, and depends on the land and its creatures, and is an excellent steward, protecting and enhancing the environment;
* Whereas the cowboy continues to play a significant role in America's culture and economy;
* Whereas approximately 800,000 ranchers are conducting business in all 50 of these United States and are contributing to the economic well being of nearly every county in the Nation;
* Whereas rodeo is the sixth most-watched sport in America;
* Whereas membership in rodeo and other organizations surrounding the livelihood of a cowboy transcends race and gender and spans every generation;
* Whereas the cowboy is an American icon;
* Whereas to recognize the American cowboy is to acknowledge America's ongoing commitment to an esteemed and enduring code of conduct; and
* Whereas the ongoing contributions made by cowboys to their communities should be recognized and encouraged:

Now, therefore, be it Resolved, That the Senate--
(1) designates July 23, 2005, as `National Day of the American Cowboy'; and
(2) encourages the people of the United States to observe the day with appropriate ceremonies and activities.

Pinedale Online > News > July 2005 > July 23 National Day of the American Cowboy

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