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Pinedale Online > News > November 2008 > Taking the Stage: The Sound of Music

Raising the batten. Photo by Janet Montgomery,.
Raising the batten
Director John Goss, left, and light and sound engineer Frank Roncalio check out the scenery that was just attached to the batten and raised before it painted to become the background of the Abbey.

Practice, Practice. Photo by Janet Montgomery.
Practice, Practice
Several of the nuns take to the halls to harmonize before rehearsal beings.

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Taking the Stage: The Sound of Music
Behind the scenes with the Pinedale Community Theatre
by Janet Montgomery
November 20, 2008

Since August, members of the Pinedale Community Theatre have been toiling with auditions, costumes, sets, posters and more for the culminating event of the three-night production of its first musical production of "The Sound of Music" starting Thursday.

More than 100 locals are participating in the production by acting, playing instruments, singing, making costumes, applying makeup, styling hair, moving set pieces, creating programs, reading lines, and helping where they can.

PCT brought in John Goss of Aspen, Colo., to direct the production with David Dyer, also of Aspen, Colo., serving as the conductor for this maiden musical of the PTC.

The curtain is set to rise Thursday night at 7 p.m. for the opening show, with encore performances on Friday and Saturday at the Pinedale High School Auditorium.

Photos by Janet Montgomery

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  • Check the chart. Photo by Janet Montgomery.
    Check the chart
    Check the chart Gannett Loftus and Gilda Senatore check the chart to see which costume change Loftus needs to make before the start of the next scene.

    Hair do. Photo by Janet Montgomery.
    Hair do
    During the costume fitting, Skye Anderson covers her while the hair techs decide just how to do that do for the show.

    Change n stage. Photo by Janet Montgomery.
    Change n stage
    Mary Margaret Grassell dashes to the stage following a quick costume change with help from Brielle Buchanan, who has donned her nunís costume.

    The eyes. Photo by Janet Montgomery.
    The eyes
    Claire Stough gets her makeup applied during the first dress rehearsal with makeup on Tuesday night.

    Move it. Photo by Janet Montgomery.
    Move it
    Professional piano movers with Mickelsen Piano Company of Idaho Falls move the first of the two seven-foot grand pianos from the stage to the orchestra pit in preparation for the musical ensemble that will include the two pianos as well as a violin and drum accompaniment.

    What to do. Photo by Janet Montgomery.
    What to do
    Morgan Holz,left, turns to listen as Debbie Hafey and Trisha Ziegler run their fingers through her hair and discuss how to style the young actressís hair for her portrayal of Liesl.

    Mic please. Photo by Janet Montgomery.
    Mic please
    Jason Hone, who plays Max Detweiler, helps Gannett Loftus who plays Kurt, attach his microphones by placing one over the actorís ear; a piece of tape is used to secured the microphone to each actor's temple.

    Paint and more paint. Photo by Janet Montgomery.
    Paint and more paint
    Sharon Ziegler sponges the paint onto the set piece that will soon become one of the concrete benches in the garden scene.

    Play clothes. Photo by Janet Montgomery,.
    Play clothes
    Josiah Piros, who plays Friedrich, tries on his costume for the play clothes that Maria makes from the curtains in her room.

    Playing with wigs. Photo by Janet Montgomery.
    Playing with wigs
    Skye Anderson,left, takes a quick photo of Morgan Holz, far right, who has donned a dark-haired wig that also boasts a bit of white while Mary Margaret Grassell, center, watches.

    Backstage. Photo by Janet Montgomery.
    Playing Franz the butler, Fred Pflughoft, right, tells Carmen Hittle that he will call her Frau Schmidt, the name of her character on stage.

    Tuning Up. Photo by Janet Montgomery.
    Tuning Up
    Piano tuner Roger Baker attends to the Yamaha piano for the rehearsals. The pianos will be tuned again just before show night.

    The Rock. Photo by Janet Montgomery.
    The Rock
    The giant rock or hill that the von Trapp family will cross as they flee their home in the production is moved and lifted backstage to create more room for the actors to make their entrances.

    Presented by the Pinedale Community Theatre. Directed by John Goss. Performances at the Pinedale Auditorium, 7:00 PM, Thursday, Friday and Saturday, November 20, 21 & 22. Tickets $10 for adults, $7 for students. Tickets available at the Cowboy Shop in Pinedale, Office Outlet in Pinedale and Big Piney, and the Big Piney Library. Doors open at 6:15 PM. Open seating.

    Poster. Photo by Pinedale Community Theatre.
    Poster for The Sound of Music.
    Pinedale Online > News > November 2008 > Taking the Stage: The Sound of Music

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