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Pinedale Online > News > June 2008 > Rainbow Gathering to stay at Dutch Joe-Big Sandy

Wyoming Rainbow Gathering News. Photo by .
Wyoming Rainbow Gathering News
Rainbow Gathering to stay at Dutch Joe-Big Sandy
by Dawn Ballou, Pinedale Online!
June 23, 2008

We received an e-mail on Sunday with more updates on the issue of moving the Rainbow Gathering which is assembling at Dutch Joe in the Big Sandy area of the southern Wind River Mountain Range. Because there is no central authority or person responsible for information distribution, we have no way to verify this information.

According to the e-mail from Rainbow “Ivy”, a concensus was reached on Friday and reaffirmed on Saturday that no one is leaving the Dutch Joe area to move over to Snyder Basin in the Wyoming Range.

Below is more from her e-mail:

“They have spent the last 3 weeks setting up kitchens (about 10 already!) and building
gathering areas. The trail up the mouintain from Handi-camp (the nearest point you can park) is a strenuous 3-5 mile hike up the mountain. The main Bliss pit (Fire circle) near main meadow has been built that is large enough for 3 tiers of drummers, spectators, and dancers. Calm is setting up on a healing vortex, and trails have been blazed. Everyone has worked so hard and THERE IS NO WAY THEY ARE MOVING! Those present at main circle reached a concensous that because the Scouts won't be there till the end of July, the only Rainbows that will still be there are clean-up crew. IF the scouts encounter the rainbows at work, (Boy Scouts will be on the other side of the ridge) they may learn a thing or two about environmental restoration so no one believes it will be a problem.

They were VERY concerned about the internet postings new arrivals have reported stating that the Gathering is or will be moved. They were adamant about news getting to the outside stating that the posted Gathering Site near Big Sandy is the ONLY place the Gathering will be. A split Gathering is detrimental to the spirit of the Gathering and is NEVER an option! Split Gatherings happen when people on the outside become misinformed and begin setting up in a different place. Then TWO sites need to be cleaned and restored...not good!

Also, please let people know that the road in is very rough and you must be prepared to go about 20 MPH for about 40 miles! A car on a trip to town for supplies rolled yesterday, injuring the 3 young Rainbows in it. Everyone is OK but it was a reminder to not be in a hurry out there. Also, make sure your tires are in good shape and DO NOT ATTEMPT without a spare!!!!

Also, the trail in goes up dramatically for about 3 miles before dropping down to the first meadow, then there is a strenouse up-hill hike (about a mile) to main meadow. Others are camped even higher up in a third meadow. Be prepared for it to take up to 3 hours to hike in and in the dark, it is very dangerous. This is one of the longest trails into a Gathering people have seen so be prepared with time, water, and appropriate ways to pack your belongings in. Those heading in should plan to arrive at the trail head (about 2 hours from the highway) at least 3 hours before sunset.

The weather is warming up but do not forget that the nights are cold...layer, layer, layer! and yes extra blankets are needed.”

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