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Buried Car. Photo by Dawn Ballou-Svalberg, Pinedale Online.
Buried Car
February 2004 snow storm.

Hay Wagon. Photo by Barbara Ellwood, Dell Fork Ranch.
Hay Wagon
In Bondurant, some ranchers still feed cattle using horse-pulled hay wagons. This is a photo from the Dell Fork Ranch. The Bondurant webcam, one of the webcams on Pinedale Online, is at this ranch and shows the corral where the draft horses are hitched up during the winter. Photo by Barbara Ellwood.
Snow in Pinedale
Snowy days in Pinedale
by Dawn Ballou, Editor, Pinedale Online!
January 12, 2008

Editorís Note: We had a gentleman from Australia write and ask about our snow. He said he has been keeping an eye on things through the various webcams and was wondering if the snow we have now is considered to be a lot in comparison to the past five years?

That got us to going back through the story archives to take a look at our past winters and see how this one compares so far to others. It was kind of like going back through the old family album. We found some really cool pictures we havenít looked at for awhile and it brought back a lot of great memories!

So here are some photos of snow from past years and links to the stories in which they appeared.

Photos by Barbara Ellwood, Arnold Brokling, Alan Svalberg, Cat Urbigkit, Scott Almdale, Green River Outfittes, and Monte Skinner as indicated. Other photos are by Dawn Ballou and Clint Gilchrist of Pinedale Online.

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  • Long icicles. Photo by Dawn Ballou-Svalberg, Pinedale Online.
    Long icicles
    It has to be "warm enough" to snow, around freezing temperatures. If conditions are right for a bit of melting, it can make for really long icicles that refreeze and grow.

    Oops. Photo by Alan Svalberg.
    In the winter of 2004, the snowmobiling was great everywhere. Off-trail riding was awesome, except for the occasional crash part. March 2004 photo. Photo by Alan Svalberg.

    Blowing Snow. Photo by Cat Urbigkit.
    Blowing Snow
    At times, blowing snow can create white-out conditions making it near impossible to see the lines on the highway to stay on the road. When it gets too bad, the highway department may close the road to travel. This photo is of US 191 coming into Pinedale in March, 2007. Photo by Cat Urbigkit.

    Moose Alert. Photo by Dawn Ballou-Svalberg, Pinedale Online.
    Moose Alert
    It is not uncommon for wildlife to share our lawns in the winter. You have to be careful sometimes when opening your front door and coming face to face with deer or moose. March 2004 photo.

    Zack Inverted. Photo by Dawn Ballou, Pinedale Online.
    Zack Inverted
    Each winter, White Pine Ski Area & Resort hosts the "White Pine Freestyle" Intermountain division USSA Mogul and Aerial/Big Air Competitions. This is Zack Thompson on the big jump in January, 2006.

    Snow Plow Driver deeds. Photo by Dawn Ballou-Svalberg, Pinedale Online.
    Snow Plow Driver deeds
    This is why the Town asks people to move their cars off the street and alley rights-of-way so they can plow during the winter. Those who don't move their cars can find them buried in the path of the snowplow, either waiting until spring to refind it or spending a lot of hard work to dig it out. This photo was from the February 2004 snow storms in Pinedale.

    Going Vertical. Photo by Alan Svalberg.
    Going Vertical
    This is Shawn Lanning from a snowmobile trip up Horse Creek in March, 2004. Photo by Alan Svalberg.

    Heart 2 Heart SnoCross 2006. Photo by Clint Gilchrist, Pinedale Online.
    Heart 2 Heart SnoCross 2006
    The Heart 2 Heart Snocross race is held each winter in Bondurant on the Norris and Layne Brown property. In this photo from January 2006, Andrew Findlay gets some air. The Bondurant Elementary School is in the background.

    Big Snow, Big Fish. Photo by Dawn Ballou-Svalberg, Pinedale Online.
    Big Snow, Big Fish
    Everything might seem way out of proportion in this photo! The big fish is the angle looking at the back side of Faler's General Store (now Ridley's). The truck is dwarfed by the snow pile next to the corner by Rendezvous Pointe Senior Center. This was from the February 2004 winter snow season.

    Wyoming Winter highway. Photo by Scott Almdale.
    Wyoming Winter highway
    Scott Almdale took this photo of a snow-covered highway in February 2007. This snowy road gives the appearance of a roller coaster ride. Scott descrbed it as, "A scenic county road in Sublette County. I think all county roads in Sublette County should be designated as national scenic roads!"

    Taylor Dyess. Photo by Clint Gilchrist, Pinedale Online.
    Taylor Dyess
    Taylor Dyess (69X), from Pinedale, during the Junior Novice snocross, Heart 2 Heart Snocross race in Bondurant, January 2006.

    Kim Brokling Skiing. Photo by Arnold Brokling.
    Kim Brokling Skiing
    Arnold Brokling and his daughter Kimberly went cross-country skiing on the trail out of Elkhart Park in December 2005, taking advantage of the fresh powder in the mountains. Photo by Arnold Brokling.

    Bull Elk. Photo by Green River Outfitters.
    Bull Elk
    These bull elk were seen near the road between Pinedale and Jackson in January 2006. Photo by Green River Outfitters.

    Jordanne Steege. Photo by Monte Skinner.
    Jordanne Steege
    Each winter, the Sublette County Ski & Snowboard Club holds the Sonny Korfanta Giant Slalom Ski Race at White Pine Ski Area & Resort. Here, Jordanne Steege races down the course in the February 2007 event. Photo by Monte Skinner.

    Snow up to the door. Photo by Dawn Ballou-Svalberg, Pinedale Online.
    Snow up to the door
    Getting from the house to the woodpile can be a challenge in heavy snow years. Photo from February 2004.
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