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Pinedale Online > News > December 2007 > Rhode Island, Rhode Island, Where Are You??

USA Map. Photo by .
As of the time of this article, we have seen license plates from all the states except Rhode Island.

World Map. Photo by .
World Map
We've had people send greetings from New Zealand and Australia this month. Starting in 2008, we will officially start putting pins on a world map for folks who write in to say "Hi!" to us here in Pinedale! We very much enjoy getting these e-mails and hearing what you like about Pinedale!
Rhode Island, Rhode Island, Where Are You??
Only one state left to find in our 50 State License Plate Survey
by Dawn Ballou, Editor, Pinedale Online!
December 23, 2007

Since 2002 we have been doing our “50 State License Plate Survey”, informally tracking the license plates from other states we see in Pinedale. It has now become an annual tradition to see how quickly we can find all the states. We used to start on Memorial Day weekend, the start of our “tourist season.”

After a couple of years of getting skunked three years in a row by Rhode Island, last year we decided to start on February 1st to give us more time to get those hard to find states. It’s not that people driving cars with those plates didn’t come here, just that we didn’t spot them to add them into our survey. It’s almost the end of 2007 and we still haven’t found a Rhode Island plate, so looks like we’ll only get 49 states again this year for our survey.

Last year we also added a new twist to our survey by incorporating “Visitor Comments”. If someone came to Pinedale, but we missed seeing them, and they later wrote telling us they were here, we added them onto our map and put in a push pin on our map showing the location of where they were from.

This holiday season we have received several comments from people from other countries sending their greetings to us here in Pinedale. So, new for 2008, we decided to add in a map of the world to put in push pins for the countries people are from when they write in to say “Hi!” to us here in Pinedale. Check out our 50 State License Plate Survey page for the 2007 survey. (Maybe someone who was here from Rhode Island this year will write and let us know so we can complete our map!!? Hint, Hint)

Thank you to all of the wonderful people who come and visit us here in Pinedale each year! We love sharing our world with you and getting to meet all the great people who pass through and spend some time with us. Thank you also to those who have taken time to send an e-mail note and let us know about your visit, and to those who have never been here but visit us “virtually” via the web and webcams. We are like a big extended family with people in all the corners of the globe, far away, yet still connected to us here in Pinedale for one reason or another.

As 2007 comes to a close, we wish every one a very happy holiday season and wonderful New Year!

- Dawn Ballou, Editor, Pinedale Online!

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