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When will we get all 50 states?
9th annual 50 States License Plate Survey
Found to Date: 26
Updated 9/27/10

50 states map

In we found 46 of the 50 states. Delaware (again), Maine, Massachussets and West Virginia eluded us. 2009 Survey

Greetings from around the World!
We love hearing from everyone! Even if you haven't been here in person, send us a note and we'll be happy to add a green pin on our map for your "cyber" visit!


Tell us you were here!

A tradition since 2002, this year people started writing in February. We started filling in states in the beginning of May.

If you were in Pinedale, and we missed your car and plate in town, please write and tell us you were here so we can add you to our survey! We'll put in a red push-pin on your state and add you to the state list below. Scroll down this page to read the comments that have already come in. Write-Ins

If you haven't actually been here, but found us on the web, let us know and we'll add you with a green push pin for your state or country.

Would you like to do your own 50 States License Plate Survey (great fun with the kids and for traveling)? Click on this link for a printable form with places to fill in for when you spot each state's plate:
50 State Survey Form


Scroll down this page for the "found" state list.


2010 Survey Results
Blue = Found, Black = Not Found, Green = Viewer Write-In

Alabama - 3/30/10  
- 2/8/10   
Arizona -
Arkansas - 4/9/10
California - 2/22/10

Colorado - 2/8/10
Florida - 2/22/10
Georgia -
Hawaii -

Idaho -
Illinois -
- 6/14/10
Iowa - 2/19/10
Kansas - 6/1/10
- 6/14/10
Louisiana -
Maine -
Massachusetts -
Michigan - 2/22/10
- 2/8/10  
Mississippi - 4/2/10
  - 3/18/10

Check out these sites for pictures of the license plates for all 50 states:


Montana - 2/22/10
Nebraska - 2/22/10
Nevada - 2/22/10
New Hampshire -  
New Jersey
New Mexico - 2/22/10
New York - 4/9/10
North Carolina
North Dakota -
Ohio - 2/19/10
Oklahoma -
Oregon - 3/18/10
Rhode Island - 2/22/10
South Carolina -
South Dakota
- 2/22/10
- 2/8/10  
Virginia -
- 4/2/10  
West Virginia -
Wisconsin -
Wyoming - 1/1/10

Foreign Countries:
British Columbia, Canada - 2/8/10
Chihuahua, Mexico - 4/21/10


We've moved the write-ins further down the page. Please scroll down to read the great comments!


The historic Moondance Diner is located in LaBarge, Wyoming (20 miles south of Big Piney on US 189)

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I was there!
September 21, 2010: I am always surprised at what I see on my way to Pinedale. When I leave Pinedale I am always heading out somewhere not to far for fishing or hiking and loving every minute of it. Wish I lived in Pinedale.” Jay H. Jersey City, New Jersey

I found you on the web!
April 7, 2010: “We will be driving to Colorado this summer but won’t make up your way sorry. But ad Chattanooga (Signal Mountain), Tennessee and good luck!” Greg A.


Editor's Note: We began our "50 State License Plate Survey" in 2002, with this being the 7th year of the survey. It started as a fun way to show how many people come visit, or pass through, our little town each summer. Doing it has become a tradition for many families, including ours. This particular survey was also being done as therapy for Dawn's Mom, Louise, as part of her outings and recovery from a stroke she had just before 9/11. She was the official tally taker of the plates as we saw them in our drives around town. It helped her relearn letters and numbers. She passed away in March, 2007, and now part of our reason for doing this survey is in memory of all the good times we had doing this with her.

We continue the tradition each year as a fun way to connect to all the wonderful people who visit Pinedale each year. Originally, we restricted ourselves to just looking in Faler's General Store parking lot (the building with the big fish on top). Pretty much everyone goes to Faler's while they are here, and it usually doesn't take too long to get all 50 states, but we kept getting skunked by Hawaii, Delaware, New Hampshire and Rhode Island. Faler's sold and is now called Ridley's Family Markets. A sign of changes in Pinedale over the years. Thanks to the folks at Falers and Outfitter Liquors for your calls and e-mails to let us know when you saw one of our missing plates in your parking lot!!

Over the years, we had to expand our search beyond the grocery store parking lot. Some of the harder states kept showing up at the laundrymat by the Post Office, or parked in front of the Cowboy Bar or Bottoms Up Brew Pub, but we missed seeing them at Faler's. Because we really hate to lose knowing those plates were in town, we expanded our search area to include anywhere in town and other areas, like nearby trailheads, up by the big lake, and the bars and laundrymat!

In the past, we've started our survey on Memorial Day weekend at the end of May. Later, we bumped it up to start on February 1st. Then we started in January to give ourselves more chance to find Hawaii, Delaware and Rhode Island, the toughest states it seems we have finding.

For any viewers who want to make sure we count you and your vehicle, you can stage a photo as "proof" you were here. Take a picture of your vehicle and plate with one of our recognizable buildings in the background (put in something with a date on it that shows it was from this year, like the latest local newspaper.)

This is not at all a scientific study, but is just for fun, so watch our map and see how quickly we find all the states this summer!

Thank you to everyone who has joined in our survey and sent us your notes and stories! 

Dawn Ballou, Editor, Pinedale Online!

For pictures of the license plates for all 50 states, try these sites:,

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The 50 State Survey is done just for fun each year to see how quickly we can find all the plates. Pinedale truly is a crossroads for travelers. Thanks for your great e-mail comments and support of our fun survey! For more information, contact Pinedale Online at 307-360-7689 or 307-276-5699, or e-mail, or stop by our office located in Office Outlet in Pinedale, 43 S. Sublette Ave. Copyright 2010, all rights reserved. No pictures or content on this site may be reproduced or used without permission.

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