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Making Snow at White Pine. Photo by White Pine Lodge webcam.
Making Snow at White Pine
White Pine Ski Area staff use a snow-making machine to help build base near the lifts. Mother Nature should be bringing snow soon.

Pinedale. Photo by Pinedale Webcam.
Pinedale webcam view the morning of Thursday, November 29. This cam is sponsored by Wolf Dodge in Pinedale. The view shows US 191 on the west end of Pinedale. The Wrangler Cafe is across the highway on the left. The blue building is the Pinedale NAPA store. The buildings in the foreground are storage units. The Wind River Mountains are in the far background. This cam is good to show current conditions in Pinedale. It is also interesting to watch over time to see the weather patterns in the Winds and change of the seasons and colors in Pinedale. Sometimes people will pose in the image and hold up a large sign to catch being in the hourly shot so they can show their friends they were in Pinedale.
Doing a Snow Dance
by Dawn Ballou, Pinedale Online!
November 29, 2007

Skiers and snowmachiners are watching the weather for the next big storm that will bring a foot or two of snow to give us base to start the winter snow sport season. This is an unusual year to not have snow by the end of November, one of the signs of nine years of drought to the western states. Typically, White Pine Ski Area is able to open on Thanksgiving weekend in November. Many other ski areas in the state are also waiting for more snow, hoping to open the weekend of December 1st.

The snowmobiling season typically also starts in December. January typically gets very cold, too cold to get much snow. Then we should get a bunch of storms in February and March with great snowmobiling and skiing. Be sure to make your lodging reservations well in advance for your winter sports trips to ensure you have your rooms for everyone in your party. See our Business Directory for motels, guest ranches and Bed & Breakfast contact information and links to their websites.

Scroll down for pictures from area webcams from the morning of Thursday, November 29th. These webcams take pictures frequently throughout each day and night and are a great way to keep tabs on current weather and road conditions for our area. (We encourage our readers to patronize the businesses that sponsor these webcams, and thank them for making the cams possible.)

Tips for driving on snowy roads: Slow down and plan more time to get where you want to go; Be cautious at intersections - they get slick: If you can, increase the driving distance buffer between you and the vehicles around you by several car length distances to give you more reaction room and time; Avoid making sudden fast moves when starting or braking. Click here for frequently updated condition reports for roads in our area: Southwest Wyoming WYDOT Road Report

For additional information about our area, visit the Sublette County Chamber of Commerce, and the tourism website, They can also be reached at 1-888-285-7282 or 1-307-367-2242.

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  • White Pine top webcam. Photo by White Pine Ski Area and Resort.
    White Pine top webcam
    View from the top of White Pine Ski Area and Resort. This cam is located on the Ski Patrol Hut, a short distance away from where skiers get off the Great Spirit Lift and take off down the runs from the top of the mountain. Many people like to pose here and have their picture taken by the cam. The website stores a picture taken near the top of every hour for the 24-hour cycle picture used on the webpage. If you time it right, you can be in that picture waving to your friends! To keep the picture, right click on the large image to bring up a menu to save it to your hard drive. If you miss one of the views, contact us here at Pinedale Online. We save all the images taken by these cams, including the ones taken inbetween the hourly images.

    Bondurant Webcam. Photo by Bondurant webcam.
    Bondurant Webcam
    This cam is located at the Dell Fork Ranch in Bondurant, courtesy Paul and Barbara Ellwood. This image view changes during the day to show various angles and views of the ranch and the mountains in the distance. When winter and deep snow sets in, you can watch the draft horses that are used for winter feeding. Ranch hands load the hay wagon in the corral and use horses to drive it out to feed the livestock. The Bondurant webcam page also has more stories about life in the tiny town of Bondurant, which is located halfway between Pinedale and Jackson Hole, at the base of the rugged Gros Ventre mountains.

    Marbleton Webcam. Photo by Marbleton webcam.
    Marbleton Webcam
    View of US 189 in Marbleton. The Marbleton Town Hall is visible on the right. Marbleton and Big Piney are located very close to each other, at the southern end of Sublette County. This area is about 200 feet lower in elevation than Pinedale, and typically gets less snow than Pinedale does. Big Piney has the nick name of "The Ice Box of the Nation" due to frigid cold temperatures it can get in the winter. The shallower snow depths make this area ideally suited for winter range for big game animals, and large herds of deer and antelope can frequently be seen in the open range while driving this highway. If you travel about 100 miles off into the distance on this road, you'll reach Jackson Hole and Yellowstone/Grand Teton National Parks. Travel about 20 miles south on this road (to the right in this photo), and you'll reach LaBarge and the location of the famous Moondance Diner (The one moved here in August from SoHo in New York. It is still under construction in La Barge and they hope to open next spring). This cam is sponsored by the Short Stop in Marbleton.

    Triple Peak. Photo by Triple Peak.
    Triple Peak
    This cam is located on the Triple Peak lodge. It is pointed looking west at the Wyoming Range. This is a good cam to watch weather systems that are moving into our area from the west over the Wyoming Range. When conditions are clear, Triple Peak mountain is visible in the distance. Triple Peak lodge is remote, located near the Wyoming Range, and makes a great basecamp for snowmobiling on trails in that area. The lodge has 9 guest rooms and offers bed and breakfast accommodations. Groups can reserve the building for their party's snowmobiling trips and snowmobile right from the lodge, across the field visible in this cam picture, to get quick access to groomed trails in the Wyoming Range.

    US 191 Cora webcam. Photo by Wyoming Department of Transportation (WYDOT).
    US 191 Cora webcam
    This cam is located on US 191 between Pinedale and Daniel, pointed west towards Trappers Point. It is at the Cora junction at Hwy 352. This is the location of the much talked about wildlife bottleneck and big game migration corridor for deer and antelope. It is also the location of the holding corrals for the Green River Drift (left side of highway). A yellow wildlife caution sign is visible on the right side of the highway to warn drivers of animals near the roadside. The historic Green River Rendezvous grounds, one of the sites used for the 1800s mountain man rendezvous, are just on the other side of the hill, to the left, in this view. This cam is sponsored and maintained by the Wyoming Department of Transportation, and is one of many cams they have installed to show current views of road conditions across Wyoming.
    Pinedale Online > News > November 2007 > Doing a Snow Dance

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