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Pinedale Online > News > September 2007 > Sublette County Shooting Complex

Rifle Range. Photo by Pam McCulloch.
Rifle Range
Lynn Wittlieff aims for the 300 ft target.
Sublette County Shooting Complex
by Pam McCulloch
September 9, 2007

Looking for a place to sight in your gun for hunting season? Sublette County Shooting Complex is located at the south end of the Industrial Park, west of Pinedale.

There is a 25-yard pistol range and a 3oo-yard rifle range, complete with benches and target stands. Just bring your guns, ammo and ear protection.

If you are interested in getting more involved, you can join the Pinedale Rifle and Pistol Club. As the club grows, there may be more opportunities for various shooting events. For more information, contact club president, Allen Barron at 307-367-6657 or get an application at the site and mail it in.

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  • 45 Magazines. Photo by Pam McCulloch.
    45 Magazines

    Tables. Photo by Pam McCulloch.
    Tables and benches are set up now. There are plans some time in the future to have buildings with shooting windows for year-round shooting.

    Pistol Range. Photo by Pam McCulloch.
    Pistol Range
    There is a 25 yard pistol range.

    Shooters. Photo by Pam McCulloch.
    There are shooting benches and tables set up at both the rifle and pistol range.

    Rules Sign. Photo by Pam McCulloch.
    Rules Sign
    The rules are posted for everyone's safety.

    Targets. Photo by Pam McCulloch.
    The 300 yard rifle range has several target stands.

    Empty Shells. Photo by Pam McCulloch.
    Empty Shells
    There are buckets availble to thow your bullet casings in.

    Checking Target. Photo by Pam McCulloch.
    Checking Target
    Kris Wittlieff and Jerome Millozi check their target.
    Pinedale Online > News > September 2007 > Sublette County Shooting Complex

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