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 We are a non-profit public benefit corporation. We    shoot at the Pinedale Shooting Sport Complex, located in the Industrial Park southwest of Pinedale. Several of our members are certified instructors.

Application Form
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Sublette County Shooting Complex (9/9/07 article)

Rifle Range. Photo by Pam McCullough.
Photo by Pam McCullough

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The Rifle & Pistol Club's goal is to provide a safe environment for rifle and pistol shooting for the general public of Pinedale and the surrounding area. The range will also be used to provide training for the youth of the area that are required to take and pass the Hunter Safety requirements and obtain a valid Hunter Safety Certificate that is required by the Wyoming Game & Fish Department prior to hunting with a firearm in the State of Wyoming, and any other related shooting programs, and to provide a shooting program for the 4-H shooters of the area.


2/26/2016: Pinedale Rifle & Pistol Club Named Official Local Qualifying Location for American Marksman

New Nationwide Target Shooting Competition Coming to Pinedale!

Pinedale, Wyoming February 26, 2016– Pinedale Rifle &Pistol Club has been approved as an officially recognized Local Qualifying location for American Marksman - a new concept shooting competition TV show by Outdoor Sportsman Group.Amateur target shootersfrom greater western Wyomingwill have the chance to qualify to earn bids to the regional championship and, ultimately for the American Marksman national championship, where they will compete for a grand prize of $50,000 and the title of the very first American Marksman.

After registering on, competitors will come to Pinedale Rifle & Pistol Clubduring the months of March, April and May 2016, where they will be taken through the local qualifying course of fire that includes .22 caliber rim fire ammunition fired from .22 caliber rifles, handguns or both. Scores will be uploaded to the American Marksman leaderboards on the website as soon as they complete the contest.

“We are proud and excited to be named an official local qualifying range for American Marksman,” said Bill Boender of Pinedale Pistol & Rifle Club. “Our organizations share the same goal, to bring new folks into the shooting sports in a safe and fun environment. We look forward to welcoming competitors into our facility beginning in March.”

American Marksman, owned by Outdoor Sportsman Group in Denver, Colorado, will also produce a television show that follows the tour and select competitors as they advance. The show will air, beginning in December 2016, on both the Outdoor Channel and Sportsman Channel television networks.

“American Marksman is thrilled to have Pinedale Rifle & Pistol Club on board with us as an official local qualifying location,” said American Marksman Tour Director, Brian Tatum.

For more information about Pinedale Rifle & Pistol Club, call (307) 367-4278.

For more information about American Marksman, visit

Shooting Complex. Photo by Pam McCullough
Photo by Pam McCullough

(Fees valid through February 2011 membership)

Single Member: $40 through February 2011

Sustaining Member: $60 through February 2011

Family: $60 for membership to age 18 through February 2011

Corporate: $150, up to 5 employees, for membership through February 2011

Senior: Dues waved for age 65 and older

Membership is by application. Upon approval by the Board of Directors, members are entitled to enhanced usage of the 300-yard Rifle Range and the 25-yard Pistol Range. Send completed form to Rifle & Pistol Club, PO Box 156, Pinedale, WY 82941.

Club Application Form
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NRA Firearms Training (PDF, 79K)

Pistol Range. Photo by Pam McCullough .

The Rifle & Pistol Ranges are owned by Sublette County and managed by the officers of the Pinedale Rifle & Pistol Club.

The Pinedale Rifle & Pistol Club is a non-profit organization.

Shooting hours: 8 AM to Sunset. Closed after dark.
Photo by Pam McCullough

Shooting frames. Photo by Pam McCullough
Photo by Pam McCullough


  • The rifle range has 100, 200 and 300-yard capabilities and has six target frames for the 100 and 200 yardage. The 300-yard range has two target frames at the present time with additional target frames to be added later.
  • The rifle range shooting building has been completed with four shooting benches for members of the club with a heating stove for the cold months of the year. In the member section of the rifle building, three overhead doors have been installed to accommodate shooters for position shooting (offhand, seating, kneeling and prone). The 4-H shooters from Pinedale used the rifle range last year for their 22-rimfire shooting.
  • For members to gain access to the members section, they are given the combination to the access door after paying their yearly membership dues. They will also be sent a membership card with the combination to the door.
  • The non-member section of the rifle building has two shooting benches and is separated from the members section by a wall with a door that is kept locked. The access door to the non-member section is not locked.


  • The pistol range shooting building has been completed with Target frames. Photo by Pam McCullough .shooting doors for six shooters and an overhead door for position shooting of rim-fire rifles and pistols and revolvers.
  • The door is kept locked for members only and they will be given the combination to the door with a paid membership.
  • Non-members have access to the outdoor section of the pistol range.

Target frames will be set at 25 yards with portable stands that may be moved to accommodate different shooting applications. The range can hold a maximum of 12 target frames


Discharging of firearms on the rifle and pistol ranges must be fired within the safety zone, which is between the firing line and the backstop and the side berms. Anyone violating this safety rule will be asked to leave the property.

No one under the age of 18 shall enter or use the shooting ranges, except under the supervision of a responsible adult.

All handgun shooters under 21 years of age must be supervised by a responsible adult over the age of 21 with accordance with the federal firearms laws to use this property.

Any new or current member must sign the membership application form when applying for membership or renewing their membership stating that they specifically understand this rule.

Shooting hours: 8 am - Sunset
Anyone on the ranges after sunset is trespassing. New members welcome!

Shooting complex. Photo by Pam McCullough .
Photo by Pam McCullough

DIRECTIONS: The Rifle and Pistol Ranges are located near the Industrial Park, west of Pinedale. Access is via the Industrial Site Road from U.S. Highway 191. Travel south approximately two miles and begin to ascend the road to Mount Airey.  The Pinedale Rifle and Pistol Club is a short distance beyond the Sporting Clays Shooting Range.

NOTE: Ample parking is available. There are restroom facilities available. No drinking water is available.

During the winter months, the road to the range will be plowed by the County and kept open for the shooting public. If the road is inaccessible, call one of the contacts listed and they will contact the County to plow the road.

Pinedale Rifle & Pistol Club
PO Box 156
Pinedale, WY 82941

Directions Map to shooting range. Map by WLC Engineering.
Map by WLC Engineering



1. Actions must be open with muzzle pointed down range upon arrival and when not firing.

2. No handling or adjusting of firearms while anyone is down range.

3. No firing is allowed over or to the sides of the backstop.

4. Anyone seeing an unsafe condition may declare a cease-fire.

5. No firing is allowed on the Pistol Range when vehicles are on the utility road above the pistol backstop.

6. Actions shall be open when firearms are in the racks or being carried to vehicles.

7. Absolutely no alcohol or drug usage or impairment allowed.

8. No food or drink is allowed on the firing line.

9. No shotguns or clay target shooting.


1. The only authorized targets are to be paper ones tacked or stapled to the target holders. No glass, cans, bottles or boxes for targets.

2. Please remove all targets after shooting is completed.

3. Please deposit trash, brass, steel cases and unwanted targets in the trash cans provided.

4. Anyone in obvious violation of range rules will be asked to leave. This may be enforced by the Sheriff's Office as a public safety issue.



Bill Boender
307- 367-4278



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Firearms Training-Concealed Carry Click here for more information (PDF)

Pinedale Rifle & Pistol Club, PO Box 156, Pinedale, WY 82941

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