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VFW. Photo by Janet Montgomery.
As one of the first float entries to come down Pine Street, members of the local VFW rode four-wheelers for the Rendezvous display Saturday.

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Rendezvous Parade
by Janet Montgomery
July 15, 2007

One of the highlights of the Green River Rendezvous is the Rendezvous Parade, always held on Saturday morning. Residents and visitors lined both sides of Pine Street to see the colorful floats, go-carts, individual entries, and to get the goodies passed out by parade participants (candy, water bottles, frisbees, toys).

The cast of the Rendezvous Pageant always participates in the parade, wearing their colorful costumes. The mountain men hoop and hollar as they ride their horses through town.

The Green River Rendezvous is always held on the second FULL weekend in July. Living history demonstrations and istorical events are organized by the Museum of the Mountain Man. General events are organized by the Sublette County Chamber of Commerce. It's a party not to be missed!

Photos by Janet Montgomery. Story by Pinedale Online.

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  • First Bank of Pinedale. Photo by Janet Montgomery.
    First Bank of Pinedale
    On-lookers received free frisbees as the float for the First Bank of Pinedale passed.

    Miss Petite Wyoming. Photo by Janet Montgomery.
    Miss Petite Wyoming
    Petite Miss Wyoming, Chandler Jones, was out in full dress and waving for the parade.

    White Pine Ski Resort. Photo by Janet Montgomery.
    White Pine Ski Resort
    Jason Brown spins in the air for the outdoor adventure theme of the White Pine float.

    Shell. Photo by Janet Montgomery.
    Parade watchers were treated to bottles of water from Shell Rocky Mountain Production.

    Clown. Photo by Janet Montgomery.
    One Shrine Club member donned a clown costume and made stops to hand some kids a few tasty treats.

    Beads. Photo by Janet Montgomery.
    Some kids watching the parade got a chance to grab some beads.

    Jackson Hole Shrine Club. Photo by Janet Montgomery.
    Jackson Hole Shrine Club
    Gary Lankford of Pinedale drove one of the vehicles for the Jackson Hole Shrine Club. They had several little cars zooming around during the parade.

    Wolf Dodge. Photo by Janet Montgomery.
    Wolf Dodge
    Wolf Dodge of Pinedale paraded several new vehicles for its float entry in the parade.

    Carriage. Photo by Janet Montgomery.
    Accompanied by a few other cast members in the carriage, Kay Malkowski (right) drives her horse team in the parade.

    Four Wheeling. Photo by Janet Montgomery.
    Four Wheeling
    Some Rendezvous cast member preferred a four-wheeler for their stride down main street.

    Buckskins. Photo by Janet Montgomery.
    Dave Vlcek wears traditional mountain man buckskins in the parade. He plays the part of Joe Meeks in the cast of the Rendezvous pageant.

    Treasure. Photo by Janet Montgomery.
    Two-year-old Michael Delap finds a treasure on the street.

    Young Rider. Photo by Janet Montgomery.
    Young Rider
    A few of the very young also climbed atop a horse to ride for the annual parade.

    Kendall Brunette. Photo by Janet Montgomery.
    Kendall Brunette
    As part of the cast parade, Kendall Brunette rides with a friend. In the Rendezvous Pageant, Brunette plays Narcissa Whitman, one of the first white women to ever cross the Continental Divide.

    Snow Machine. Photo by Janet Montgomery.
    Snow Machine
    Making tracks down Pine Street for Rendezvous Days was this rider who took to a snow machine behind a trailer for Mountain Air Power and Sports of Evanston.

    Bottom's Up. Photo by Janet Montgomery.
    Bottom's Up
    The Bottom’s Up Brew Pub float offered free beer as well as a cool drench for those heading for the spout.

    Mark Eatinger. Photo by Janet Montgomery.
    Mark Eatinger
    Mountain man Mark Eatinger takes a knee to pose for pictures. Eatinger plays Captain Bonneville in the Rendezvous Pageant.

    Cowgirls. Photo by Janet Montgomery.
    Jayne Thompson joins a few other riders for White Pine Resort.

    David Willoughby. Photo by Janet Montgomery.
    David Willoughby
    With his wife watching from behind, David Willoughby releases the shoe for his pitch.

    Lynda Willoughby. Photo by Janet Montgomery.
    Lynda Willoughby
    Lynda Willoughby prepares for her pitch by bringing the shoe in front of her and then swinging back for the release.

    Next Round. Photo by Janet Montgomery.
    Next Round
    Dudley Key and Robert Brito look over the bracket for the next round of horseshoe pitching competition.

    Derek Willoughby. Photo by Janet Montgomery.
    Derek Willoughby
    Competitors included Derek Willoughby (right), who holds a 2006 World Horseshoe Pitching Championship Title.

    Robert Brito. Photo by Janet Montgomery.
    Robert Brito
    Robert Brito watches as his shoe comes to the stake.

    David Willoughby. Photo by Janet Montgomery.
    David Willoughby
    David Willoughby and other pitchers determine the scoring distance from the pin.

    Dudley Key. Photo by Janet Montgomery.
    Dudley Key
    Dudley Key of Pinedale puts the shoe close to the stake.

    Sam Rollerson. Photo by Janet Montgomery.
    Sam Rollerson
    Sam Rollerson of Saramento, Calif., was in town visiting family and decided to join the competition.

    Don Pope. Photo by Janet Montgomery.
    Don Pope
    Don Pope’s toss makes a splash in the dirt.

    Mark Lundgren. Photo by Janet Montgomery.
    Mark Lundgren
    Mark Lundgren of Green River takes his turn to toss the horseshoe during the Rendezvous pitch.
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