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Pinedale Online > News > February 2007 > A Dudes Guide to the Bondurant Cam

Horses hitched up to hay wagon. Photo by Bondurant Webcam.
Horses hitched up to hay wagon

Double Top. Photo by Bondurant Webcam.
Double Top

Horses ready to go. Photo by Bondurant Webcam.
Horses ready to go

Horses eating hay from wagon. Photo by Bondurant webcam.
Horses eating hay from wagon
Horses eat hay from the hay wagon.
A Dude's Guide to the Bondurant Cam
by Paul Ellwood
February 3, 2007

Well dude, the main winter activity on the Bondo Cam is our town’s most eligible bachelor Lennie Campbell hitching and driving his teams of hay sled pulling draft horses out of the yard. Usually this occurs between 8:30 and 9:00 AM MST.

After he heads out, you may see some hay and his snow machine sitting in the foreground. Some of you dudes have confused the hay that has fallen off the sled with a dead horse. The entire outfit is alive and ornery. Only the hourly pictures are retained on the web site so you may only be able to catch the action on the temporary three minute interval pictures.

After feeding 200 calves, Lennie returns with a sled full of hay which is taken into the corral on the right to feed the four work horses who are left in their harnesses.

The cowboy returns around 4PM to take the remaining hay to the cattle, reloads the sled and parks it in readiness for the next day’s chores. The horses spend the night in the corral tolerating temperatures down to – 55 degrees below F.

I move the camera around during the day looking for wildlife like moose and wolves and to capture spectacular views of the Gros Ventre Mountains. We often feature Double Top the tallest of the Gros Ventres.

The image is occasionally dark when snow covers the satellite dish. At night there is a green reflection indicating the camera is alive and well.

The camera is an easily manipulated, durable Panasonic KX-HCM280A with its own IP address. It is not attached to a computer.

Paul Ellwood
Dell Fork Ranch in Bondurant, Wyoming
Home of the Bondurant Webcam

Photos by the Bondurant Webcam

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  • Snow Tower. Photo by Bondurant Webcam.
    Snow Tower
    Snow makes a strange tower on the bird house on January 5, 2007.

    Hay wagon ready to go. Photo by Bondurant Webcam.
    Hay wagon ready to go
    The hay wagon stands ready to go on January 21, 2007. Temperature is 10 below zero.

    Lots of snow. Photo by Bondurant Webcam.
    Lots of snow
    Three feet of snow piled up to the top of the fence on February 3, 2006!

    Buried thermometer. Photo by Bondurant webcam.
    Buried thermometer
    Later that same day, February 3, 2006, the sun came out and melted a bit of the snow so the top of the thermometer could be seen.

    Gros Ventre Mountains. Photo by Bondurant Webcam.
    Gros Ventre Mountains
    February 3, 2007 view of Gros Ventre mountains.

    Bondo Sign Board. Photo by Bondurant Webcam.
    Bondo Sign Board
    The cam has been fun to send messages to friends! February 4, 2006.

    Snowy Haystack. Photo by Bondurant Webcam.
    Snowy Haystack
    March 7, 2006 view, snow on the haystack.

    Rugged Mountains. Photo by Bondurant Webcam.
    Rugged Mountains
    April 3, 2006 view.

    Foggy Bondurant. Photo by Bondurant Webcam.
    Foggy Bondurant
    August 2, 2006. Foggy Bondurant!

    Wildfire caught on cam. Photo by Bondurant Webcam.
    Wildfire caught on cam
    On August 18, 2006, the Bondurant webcam zoomed in on a column of smoke from a wild fire in the Gros Ventre Wilderness area.

    Fall mountains. Photo by Bondurant Webcam.
    Fall mountains
    Fall/Winter in Bondurant, September 15, 2006.

    30 Below Zero. Photo by Bondurant Webcam.
    30 Below Zero
    December 7, 2005. Thirty below zero in Bondurant.
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