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Week 6 - Two Questions: "What is the oldest geographical feature place name in Sublette County still in use today?" and second question, "What was the first constructed road in the Upper Green River Valley?"
Winner: Lisa Williams, Cora, Wyoming

Schwan's Sublette County History Contest
Final Week 6 Clues Page (March 23-March 29, 2016)

(Last day to enter guesses for this question was noon on Tuesday, March 29, 2016.)
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Because no one correctly guessed the question for last week, we will roll the Red Velvet & Cheesecake prize into this week and ask two history questions. Anyone who won in any of the earlier weeks can participate in this week's questions and is eligible to possibly win again.

Week 6 two questions:

"What is the oldest geographic feature place name in Sublette County still in use today?"
Answer: Green River
2. "What was the first constructed road in the Upper Green River Valley?"
Answer: Lander Road

Two Prizes this week!: Grand Prize is Dinner for Two - Your choice of Schwan's appetizer, main course and dessert up to $50 value
The second prize is the Red Velvet & Cheesecake from last week.

Winner: Lisa Williams, Cora, Wyoming, who guessed both answers correctly.

Thank you to everyone who participated in the contest!

Grand Prizw Week 6: Dinner for Two - Your choice of appetizer, main course and dessert up to $50 value!         Schwan's Red Velvet & Cheesecake

Geographic feature place names
Daniel T. Potts, born in 1794, joined the Henry and Ashley expedition bound for the Rocky Mountains and the Columbia River in 1822 and served as a scout. He wrote many letters to friends and family describing his adventures. A number of those letters survive today. In 1826 he uses the term “Green River” to describe the Upper Colorado River. Prior to that time accounts referred to the river as the Spanish River, Colorado River, and versions of Seeds-ka-dee.

Wilson Price Hunt – 1811 (
• Big Horn
• Wind River
• Spanish River (today called Green River)
• Mad River (today called Snake River)
• Columbia

Robert Stuart – 1812 (Discovery of the Oregon Trail by Philip Rollins)
• Mad River (today called Snake River)
• Henry’s River (today called Henry’s Fork)
• Pilot Knobs (today called Teton Range)
• Hoback’s Fork (today called Hoback River)
• Spanish River (today called Green River)
• Willow Branch (today called Willow Creek)
• Wind River
• Big Horn

William Ashley – 1825 (
• Wind River
• Sweetwater
• Shetkadee (In Wyoming today called Green River)
• Green River (In Utah)

Daniel Potts – July 16, 1826 (
• SeetKadu & Green River
• Sweet Water
• Rocky Mountains
• Yellow Stone
• Wind River
• Lewis River (today called Snake River)
• Bear River

Lander Trail
The Lander Trail (Cut-Off, Road) was built as part of the national road originally designated the central division of the Fort Kearney, South Pass and Honey Lake Wagon Road to improve the transportation corridors from the eastern United States to California and Oregon prior to when a railroad could be built. The chief engineer was Frederick Lander, its namesake. The cut-off road was intended to bypass the Mormon country and expensive toll ferries beyond the Continental Divide and allow poorer emigrants using ox-driven wagons an alternative route where they could ford the streams and cross the terrain in a shorter amount of time than the main Oregon Trail. The road was constructed in 1858 and opened in 1859. It went from Burnt Ranch near South Pass to Fort Hall through what would become the future states of Wyoming and Idaho. A crew of 115 men built 230 miles of new trail in 1858. They moved more than 62,000 cubic yards of dirt and rock—equal to 6,000 modern dump truck loads—and cleared 34 miles of heavy timber and willows. Construction cost $40,260, finished ahead of schedule, and came in under budget. The Lander Road had good grass, fishing, water and wood, however it was built late in the emigration period of the western covered wagon migration. 13,000 emigrants used the new road in 1859. The last documented wagon using the Lander Trail was in the early 1900s. It continued to be used by people for two-way east/west traffic into the settlement era of the early 1900s with both horse-drawn and motorized vehicle traffic. It came into disuse once better roads with more direct routes were built through the terrain. The Lander Trail is now a National Historic Trail which has been marked along its length. There are 95 miles of the road crossing Sublette County and about 60 miles of it can still be accessed today through BLM and National Forest lands. The 104-acre Lander Trail-New Fork River Crossing Historical Park, acquired in 2010 and opened to the public in 2013. It gives the public an opportunity to see a location of the emigrant trail at a major river crossing and campsite.

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Headwaters of the Green River in the Upper Green River Valley north of Pinedale. Photo by Pinedale Online.


Lander Trail
Headwaters of the Green River in the Upper Green River Valley north of Pinedale. Photo by Pinedale Online. One of the few existing photos of a wagon train in the 1850s, this image made by the artist Albert Bierstadt in 1859 shows emigrant wagons at the Big Sandy River on the Lander Trail just 26 miles east of the New Fork crossing. Photo courtesy Sublette County Historical Society.


Week 6 Clues

1. The Wyoming Board of Geographic Names operates in Wyoming under the United States Board of Geographic Names. It is under the State Engineers Office in Cheyenne, Wyoming. It advises the USBGN on matters related to geographic names in Wyoming. It is a service of the Wyoming State Library. The website is:
Their online database can be searched by county, place and time.

2. The U.S. Board on Geographic Names can be found here:

3. Judi Myers deserves a lot of credit for her love of history and years of research about Wyoming. She put a lot of information on her website online. She has an “On the Map” page of Sublette County place names here:

4. An index to the Pinedale Roundup Newspaper of Sublette County, Wyoming was compiled over a 20-year period by Judi Myers for the years 1904-1969 & 1980-1999 and by Ann Noble for the years 1970-1979. Jane Warinner typed the original manuscripts in four separate volumes. Early year Roundups are also available on microfilm and later year issues hard-bound at the local libraries as well as at the Wyoming State Archives in Cheyenne, Wyoming. The searchable Pinedale Roundup online index can be found here:

5. Wyoming Places is a website created by the Wyoming State Library that is an online resource of the places and place names of Wyoming. It can be searched by name or browsed by feature or county. It can be found here:

6. The Wyoming Department of Transportation website can be found here.

7. A web page entitled “The Evolution of Roads across Southern Wyoming” by Kris A. White can be found on the University of Wyoming website here.

8. First major national road:
Federal Road history:
First transcontinental highway – Lincoln Highway:
First annual report of Wyoming Highway Commission 1919:

9. For current Sublette County roads see the county map server:

10: Emigrant trails, website:

11. Wildlife, Native Americans, then early fur trappers, traders and explorers helped to find the pathway routes through the landscape that would later become the general routes for roads. Many early roads followed river corridors because people traveled using livestock.

12. Our goal with this contest was two-fold: To acquaint people with the delicious home delivery food choices offered by Schwan's, and to have some fun with local history. Please let us know if you liked the contest, and if you enjoyed it, we might do something like it again later in the year with more great prizes and more fun and interesting history questions. Pinedale Schwan's driver Jean-Francois is around Pinedale each week and can be reached by calling 307-367-FOOD, or just stop and chat with him when you see the big yellow Schwan's truck around town. Food orders can be placed online at If you didn't win in our contest but would like to try Schwan's food, we still have catalogs available at Pinedale Online in Office Outlet and at KPIN Radio in Pinedale. Dawn with Pinedale Online has samples of some of Schwan's foods you can try too, just ask (ice cream and desserts)! Thank you to everyone for participating!

Email your answers to
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Official Rules:
1. Eligibility: NO PURCHASE NECESSARY TO ENTER. Contest participants must be residents of Sublette County, Wyoming; be at least 18 years of age, and a U.S. citizen to win. Limit one weekly prize per person and household. All past winners are eligible to enter to win the Grand Prize. There are no substitutions allowed on prize winnings. No one directly involved in the creation of the contest or history questions, or their families or household members, are eligible to win any of the contest prizes.

2. Contest Period: The contest runs for six weeks, from Wednesday, February 17, 2016 and ending on Tuesday, March 29, 2016.

3. Sponsors: Schwan’s, Pinedale Online, KPIN 101.1FM Radio. Contacts for more information are:
Schwan’s Home Service of Rock Springs, phone: 307-360-FOOD (3663),, 213 Industrial Ave, Rock Springs, WY 82901
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4. To Enter: Each week’s history question will be posted on Pinedale Online on the Local page and at, as well as announced on KPIN 101.1 FM Radio. To enter a guess to answer the week’s history question, send an email with your answer to or call 307-360-FOOD (3663) by Noon on the Tuesday ending that week’s contest. Include your name, email address, mailing address, and a contact phone number so the winner can be notified. All entries become the property of Schwan’s and will not be returned. Winners names will be posted on Pinedale Online at and announced on KPIN 101.1 FM Radio on the Wednesday following that week’s question. The next week’s new history question will also be posted and announced on Wednesday.

5. Prize Drawing: On or about Tuesday evening, contest administrators will review the entries and determine which one was the first to coming closest to correctly answering the question. There will be only one prize awarded to one winner each week. Winner’s name will be posted on the Pinedale Online website and announced on KPIN 101.1FM Radio on the Wednesday ending the week of that contest question. If the contest sponsor cannot contact the prize winner within 3 days of announcement of the winner, the contest sponsors may select an alternate winner from the next closest correct answer entries that can be contacted to claim that week’s prize. Schwan’s Home Service of Rock Springs reserves the right to be ultimate decider of each week’s contest winner and their decision is final. Prizes will be delivered by Schwan’s to the winner within Sublette County, Wyoming by prior arrangement during the next week’s Schwan’s regular Sublette County route delivery cycle. By accepting prize, winner releases all participating sponsors from any liability as a result of this prize. Schwan's will pay the Wyoming State sales tax of the winning prizes for the prize winners.

6. Privacy: Information gained from contest entrants is subject to Schwan’s privacy policy. Names of winners will be posted online and announced over KPIN Radio, but email addresses, phone numbers and physical addresses will not be released. Schwan’s will use address information to make deliveries of prizes to winners. Schwan’s may ask contest entrants if they would like a Schwan’s catalog and/or more information about the company’s food products.

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Big Piney
Sublette County, Wyoming



Handbreaded Fantail Shrimp
Prize for Week 1: Hand Breaded Fantail Shrimp

WEEK 1 History Question:S
"How many Wyoming livestock brands were registered by Sublette County residents as of 2015?"
Winner: Tara Holmes, Daniel, WY Guess: 760
(Week 1 Clues)
Week 1 KPIN 101.1FM Radio announcement (3.02MB mp3)
Answer: 821, according to the Wyoming Livestock Board 2015 Brand Book

3 Schwan's  Pizzas
Prize for Week 2: 3 Pizzas

WEEK 2 History Question:S
"When was the first reported sighting of a moose in Pinedale?"
Winner: Sandy Kawa, Pinedale, WY Guess: May 25, 1916.
Week 2 KPIN 101.1FM Radio announcement (2.5MB mp3)
Answer: A lone cow moose was seen on Tuesday, May 23, 1916, as reported in the Thursday, May 25, 1916 edition of the Pinedale Roundup newspaper.

Pork Tenderloin Filet Wrapped with Applewood Smoked Bacon
Prize for Week 3: Pork Tenderloin Filet Wrapped with Applewood Smoked Bacon

WEEK 3 History Question:S
"What was the name of the first sternwheeler passenger boat on the Green River with service to Big Piney?"
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Winner: Bonnie Whitley, Boulder
Guess: "Sunbeam"
Correct Answer: "Sunbeam"

A selection of three 1/2 gallon ice cream tubs
Prize for Week 4: A selection of three 1/2 gallon ice cream tubs

WEEK 4 History Question:S
"Where is 'Lake Beautiful' in Sublette County?"

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Winner: Kenna Tanner, Pinedale
Answer: New Fork Lake
(Lac d'Amalia)

Schwan's Red Velvet & Cheesecake
Prize for Week 5: Red Velvet & Cheesecake

WEEK 5 History Question & Clues:
"What was 'Serious Sawbuck'?"

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Winner: No one correctly answered the question this week. The prize will roll over and be given away as one of two prizes for next week.
Answer: Slang for "Sears & Roebuck"

Grand Prizw Week 6: Dinner for Two - Your choice of appetizer, main course and dessert up to $50 value!
Grand Prize Week 6: Dinner for Two - Your choice of appetizer, main course and dessert up to $50 value!

Week 6 Clues Page

Week 6 Questions:
1. "What is the oldest geographic feature place name in Sublette County still in use today?" Answer: Green River
2. "What was the first constructed road in the Upper Green River Valley?"
Answer: Lander Trail/Cut-Off Road

Winner: Lisa Williams, Cora, Wyoming

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