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Mass of Christian Burial for Paul Hanson August 4th (posted 7/30/15)
Sublette County Fair 2015 (posted 7/29/15)
Changes coming to handling of after-hours care calls (posted 7/30/15)
Stockman’s Restaurant reopening July 31st (posted 7/29/15)
Pinedale school offices move and are being renovated (posted 7/28/15)
Aspen workshop August 10-12 in Pinedale (posted 7/28/15)
Summer Fun Fest August 1 in Pinedale (posted 7/28/15)
Extreme Teen event August 2 (posted 7/28/15)
1st Annual SAFV Task Force Golf Tournament, Dinner & Auction September 19th (posted 7/28/15)
Sublette County Fair Lynn Thomas Memorial Art Show gains momentum (posted 7/28/15)
Road work begins on Skyline Drive (posted 7/28/15)
Town holds public meeting to discuss movie theater proposal (posted 7/28/15)
2015 Sublette County Fair livestock results (posted 7/23/15)
Mosquito spraying in Pinedale August 2 & 3 (posted 7/23/15)
White Pine gears up for upcoming season (posted 7/23/15)

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August 1: Sublette County School District #1 District Garage Sale - In the Maintenance Building behind the Auditorium in Pinedale starting at 8:30AM. Cabinets, millwork, laptops, desks and various other items. Prices are as marked. All sales final.
August 1: Children's Discovery Center 2nd Annual Family Music Festival - All Day Event at White Pine Ski Resort. Live in concert: Alex & the Kaleidoscope Band, Six Foot Two, Green River Steam Boat, and the Rick Gerber Band. Food, games, and music for the whole family. All proceeds benefit the Children's Discovery Center.
August 1: Auction in Pinedale - Dr. Jim & Daphne Platts, owners. Auction starts at 10AM. Items include machinery, shop equipment, fishing equipment, household, collectibles, furniture, outdoor equipment, recreational gear, tools, hunting, fishing, appliances. Take Fremont Lake Road at Ridley's, go 1.5 miles to Riverside Subdivision Road (Sublette County 101). Go .2 miles. Go straight on BLM Subdivision Road. Go .4 mile. Watch for signs. Dave Stephens Auction Service. 307-749-5975, davestephensauctionservice.com for pictures and auction flyer.
August 1: Summer Fun Fest - 5:30PM at the American Legion Park in Pinedale. Free food for the first 300 people! Special performance by comedian Justin Fennell (bring a camp chair for the show). Family fun with a Bounce House, obstacle course, balloon animals and face painting. Sponsored by Gateway Church. For more information call Steve Miller, 307-749-3352.
August 2: Extreme Teen event - On Sunday at 6PM at the Pinedale Skateboard Park. Free BBQ. Special guest speaker Josh Grimes. Presented by Aftershock. For more information contact Steve Miller, Gateway Church, 307-749-3352.
August 2 & 3: Mosquito spraying in Pinedale - Public Notice: Bee keepers please be advised! Mosquito Abatement District 1, which includes the Town of Pinedale, will be sprayed aerially on August 2, 2015 and August 3, 2015. This will occur if weather permits. In addition, fogging will take place at various locations in July 28th and 30th, weather permitting.
August 4: Write Away Writer’s Workshop - For youth and adults. Tuesday from 9:30AM to 2PM at the Sublette County Library in Pinedale. Presentation of the Sublette County Artists Guild and Pinedale Library. Presentations: Diaries with Madeline Murdock, Journals with Elaine Crumpley, Inspiration with Mary Ann Almquist; Creative Writing & Refining. Lunch provided. Public invited at 1PM for recitations by workshop participants plus poetry & recitations by Sublette County Artist Guild members. Call Kay Meeks for questions and more information, 307-859-8828.

Scenic Wyoming Photos

Scenic photos by Dave Bell

Photos by Dave Bell

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Pinedale Local News

Mass of Christian Burial for Paul Hanson August 4th (posted 7/30/15)
Covill Funeral Home
A Mass of Christian Burial for Pinedale resident Paul Hanson will be held Tuesday, August 4th at 11:00AM at Our Lady of Peace Catholic Church in Pinedale. Interment and military honors will follow the service in the Pinedale Cemetery. There will be a Rosary held Monday evening, August 3rd at 6:00 PM at our Lady of Peace Catholic Church in Pinedale.

Bengal tiger at the Sublette County Fair. Photo by Terry Allen.
Bengal tiger at the Sublette County Fair. Photo by Terry Allen.
Sublette County Fair 2015 (posted 7/29/15)
Funnel Cakes and Stone Boats
Terry Allen
Perhaps the fair’s name should be changed to The Sublette County Funnel Cake Fair. Funnel cakes were everywhere. Mounds of powdered sugar, capped the peaks of funnel cakes the size of dinner plates. Parades of giddy people balancing funnel cakes, stopped cross-pedestrian traffic as they threaded their way thru the crowds…licking their fingers as they went.

Dozens of funnel cake eaters went to the Cornhole Tournament and settled into the crowd like giant white jelly beans dropped from the heavens. There, they watched hundreds of friends and neighbors throw corn-filled bags toward…and sometimes into grapefruit sized holes which scored them and their team corn points. A serious looking Bobby Hammer of Big Piney who seemed to be in charge, declared, "It’s the fastest growing sport in America. It’s bringing in athletes from horse shoes," he said. According to others in the crowd, the sport migrated up here from somewhere down south.

Grunting and growling noises, and some ooh’s and aah’s, came from the direction of the Royal Bengal Tiger Show. There, seven caged Bengal Tigers paced hungrily, licking their lips at the sight of so many finger licking funnel cake eaters. Tiger tamer Adam Burck said each tiger eats between ten and fifteen pounds of raw beef and chicken every day, but would happily eat as many funnel cakes as they could get their paws on. "Sherkahn weighs 500 pounds and our biggest tiger, Beau weighs 650 pounds," Burck said. Three of the seven tigers are White Bengals tigers. "All white Bengal tigers in the world come from one cub found in India in 1968," he said. "Tigers live about 13 years in the wild, but up to 25 years in captivity. Asked if he has ever had a close call, Adam points to a few small facial and arm scars and said, "The just give me little swipes like an ordinary house cat does," he said. Adam’s father Wade was a tiger tamer for 40 years. "He was hurt bad six times. The worst left him looking like a mummy. He got 270 stitches in his jaw from being dragged around the ring. He also broke his collar bone and three ribs. But, he came back that night and did another show," he said.

The sign said: "No food allowed while riding elephants." So, a small group of people stood at the foot of the elephant stairs holding a funnel cake in each hand, while their friends climbed aboard an elephant for a ride around the ring. Levi Jenkins age 3 of Big Piney thought elephant skin was "a little rough." Levi’s sister Erin Jenkins age 4 thought, "It felt happy. He was waving with his trunk." Brooke Frazier of Big Piney thought, "The hair on his ears was hard."

Captain Wes Johnston of the Sublette County Sheriff’s Department stood at the open door of the Emergency Management yurt and watched people throw baseballs trying to dunk Sheriff Haskell, who was wearing a swim mask, snorkel, and was armed with a water gun. "Come on into the yurt and I’ll give you the tour," said Wes. "This can be used as a command center in the field for things like disasters, fires, searches or other incidents that are expected to take a while. It takes four guys 45 minutes to set it up in the summer; and four guys about twice that time in winter, because we install insulated panels," he said. The dimensions of the yurt are 19’ X 35’ X about 10’ average height. That makes it about a 28,000 funnel cake capacity yurt.

Corky and Ed Marx of Green River sat in the shade of their party umbrella, next to a rich bronze colored 1951 GMC pickup truck. "Dad bought it new for $1575.00, and all us kids learned to drive in it," she said. "We lived in Laramie then, but we used it to haul the whole family to Green River where we live to this day. We bought it from Dad about 15 years ago and started this restoration."

Sofia Goicolea age 5 from Farson, sat with her family and watched Nathan Stewart work his super yo-yo. "I’d like to ride an elephant pretty soon," she said. While she waited for the elephant show, she listened to Seth Stautenberg play his trumpet, then David Rule play his piano and his green mini-horn. She listened to Jessica Nicks of Big Piney sing a nice song, then, classical pianist Aaron Stewart walked onto the stage in a raincoat and opened his umbrella…to play "The Storm", by Frederick Bergmuller. Singer, Sage Albrecht of Pinedale dazzled the crowd with her western stage costume, animated personality and her own music and words. This girl has put in the work and it shows.

Sharon Schell talked about her amazing sculptures. "I used human models in the Lynn Forbes School of Sculpture in Carlsbad," she said. "They are hollow. Their walls are about ¾" thick. I brush on the bronze patina after firing."

Charmian McLellan employed the green theme of the Mixed Media group to produce her trio of horses called, "High on Wyoming Grass."

In a darker corner of the art exhibit building, two crows in Bonnie Nelson’s haunting watercolor pecked at a dripping carcass they had carried into the branches of a bare tree, and it seemed to whisper – nevermore -.

Big Piney Robotics introduced the fairgoers to "Handyman", a robotic forklift capable of lifting up to 50 pounds and stacking differently shaped loads. Pinedale, students Holden and John took their robot, the wild-haired "Athena, Goddess of Knowledge" into the crowd and delicately offered folks suckers.

Miranda Bousman wowed the crowd with her winning pedal tractor pulls. "My secret is I move cows a lot. I also move my legs a lot to keep my legs in shape," she said.
Isaac Hayden was a featured musical guest and brought his Ray LaMontagne flavored American Folk to the stage. Isaac is from Jackson but lives in Nashville now. The next two months he and his girlfriend Samantha will be staying in Jackson with their family, while Isaac plays the local hotels and Hayden’s Post on his very weathered, but beautiful acoustic-electric guitar.

Mckenna Carnahan of Big Piney talked about her "bred and fed" steer Otis. "I started working with him in November," she said. "Steers have a lot of personality. Otis can open a gate, so I have to keep an eye on him. Last year I got second in this event. If he will do what I tell him, my chances are good. But, he thinks it fun to make me drag him," she said.

Hadley Sims who won Grand Champion Market Heifer and Reserve Champion Market Steer talked about what it takes to produce winners. "You have to be dedicated. You have to work all the time to get them gentle," he said. "I work between two and three hours a day. You want to walk them all the time. Training their hair to grow is a big thing. It’s a beauty show."

It is worthy of note that Hadley’s Steer is really a heifer that was fed as a steer, yet beat all the steers. According to his father Tim Sims, it is not all that unusual. "Last year at the state fair and also in 2012 the market heifer beat all the steers," he said.

Hadley’s sister Megan, who won Grand Champion Steer talked about her approach to raising a champion. "Hard work and determination to get a job done, and make an animal the best that it is," she said. "I think there is a trust that you develop with an animal, since you are out there all the time taking care of it. You need to develop a good eye. We are lucky to have a Dad with a good eye. It is important to study up on your particular animal so you know what you are looking for. You should know what a buyer would want…what is desirable." Megan has now graduated from 4-H and will begin study in elementary education at UW this fall.

Long before there was a nice arena for the big horse pulls, there was a street full of sand in front of the library in Pinedale. According to Steve Mitchell of Big Piney, "We’d feed our cattle then load the sleds with salt blocks and weigh them at Stan Murdock’s," he said. "We put together two classes, light and Heavyweights. It was part of what was called the Winter Carnival."

Today, horse pulling is a more professional operation. Horses are bred and trained specifically for the pull and feed sleds have become 2000 pound steel monsters loaded down with around 8000 pounds of solid concrete blocks, and they are called Stone Boats. There are three classes, light, medium and heavy. The heaviest team of horses Saturday night weighed 4730 pounds…with their shoes on.

In a two-step operation, a harnessed team swings by a stationary sled and driver and assistants put a hook from the horse end into a ring on the front of the boat. This takes place in a non-stop synchronized pass. At the same time the hook and ring join up an assistant hands the reins to the driver, who gives the reins a good shake and the horses sprint off…with a huge jerk.

Saturday night, a local photographer was invited to ride on a Stoneboat in the competition. The photographer ran to the Stoneboat driven by Joe McKee, took his place in the passenger seat side of the heavily loaded sled, the team hooked up, the driver cracked the reins and the horses jumped so hard against the chained boat that the photographer did an immediate backward summersault over the back of the boat. His hat and camera went flying and bouncing and then the camera pieces did some more bouncing. But it was apparent he was alright when the first thing he did was clean the dirt from his camera, do a test fire of the crowd and then give a graceful bow. Either by grit or foolishness, the photographer took two more rides with Joe, who turned out to be the eventual heavy weight winner.

The competition is over now, the arena is emptying, old friends are saying goodbye and competitors are talking to fans and shaking hands, stragglers are moving to the exits, but Liberty Vrska aged 4 ½ from the Upper Green, still rides her stick bull in dizzying circles to the golden music of the setting sun coming in thru the open door.

Click on this link for more photos: Sublette County Fair 2015

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Sublette County Sheriff's Office Dispatch
Sublette County Sheriff's Office Dispatch
Changes coming to handling of after-hours care calls (posted 7/30/15)
Sublette County Sheriff’s Office
The Sublette County Sheriff’s Office, in coordination with the Sublette County Rural Health Care District, is excited to announce some upcoming changes to how after-care service is provided to our communities with regard to medical emergencies.

With the recent upgrade planned in the dispatch center, the implementation of Emergency Medical Dispatch (EMD) in already underway, with new training, certification and accreditation being completed this month. Each communications officer has undergone over 30 hours of training in EMD in order to prepare for the change. What this means for the public is enhanced dispatching to assist in a medical emergency. This may mean some additional questions will be asked, or the caller may be talked through giving some basic care instructions to the patient while awaiting the service of EMS.

In an effort to assist with the change, Sublette County Rural Health will be implementing a calling service with both the Pinedale and Marbleton Clinics to diminish the need to call 911 for non-emergency or routine calls. In the past, SCSO Dispatch has acted as that calling service, but with the new program, the hope is to educate the public to only call 911 for emergencies. "Our goal is to provide the best and most efficient dispatch services to our community," SCSO dispatch supervisor Cheryl Koessel said. "If we tie up the 911 line with a non-emergency call, it could mean the difference between life and death to another person. The goal with implementing EMD is to provide enhanced dispatching services to the community, which also means that we need help to streamline non-emergency calls to both of the clinics for after-hours calls."

The enhanced dispatching service is being installed over the next few weeks, with the hope to "go live" on August 12th. Anyone needing routine or non-emergency after-hours care will be asked to use the regular clinic phone numbers in either Pinedale, at 307-367-4133, or Marbleton at 307-276-3306. Upon calling either clinic after hours, the phone call will automatically transfer to an answering service that will pass on the caller’s contact information to the provider on call. The provider will then return the non- emergent call.

Stockman's is reopening July 31st under new ownership.
Stockman's is reopening July 31st under new ownership.
Stockman’s Restaurant reopening July 31st (posted 7/29/15)
Stockman’s Restaurant in Pinedale is opening under new ownership on Friday, July 31st for breakfast and lunch. Dinner will be coming soon. Restaurant hours: 5AM to 4PM. Bar orders from 4PM to 6PM. Stockman’s is located at 117 Pine, 307-367-4563.

Pinedale school offices move and are being renovated (posted 7/28/15)
Sublette County School District #1 Superintendent’s Offices and Board Room have moved to the old elementary school (BOCES) building at 665 North Tyler. The Business Office will soon follow. The vacant Business Office space will become the Pinedale High School offices, housing the principal and assistant principal and the high school secretary. The right side of the auditorium entrance will now become the high school main entrance. The activities and counseling offices will remain in the current high school office space. The old Superintendent Office area is being renovated into special education classrooms and the Special Education Transition Coordinator’s office.

Renovations are being made to the old elementary building to provide for a new Superintendent and Business Offices as well as a new Board Room in the front (West) section; new spaces for the BOCES offices and classrooms in the North Back section; and new spaces for the Skyline Academy office and classrooms in the South back section of the building with each having their own entrances. New Chairman of the board, Jamison Ziegler, held the last board meeting in a temporary room in the old elementary school. August’s regular board meeting is anticipated to be held in the Wrangler Cafeteria until renovations and completed.

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Aspen workshop August 10-12 in Pinedale (posted 7/28/15)
Wyoming Game & Fish
PINEDALE- The Wyoming Game and Fish Department is inviting the public to attend a free community workshop focusing on aspen, August 10-12, in Pinedale. The workshop will begin with a short lecture series featuring aspen experts Dale Bartos, a retired Research Ecologist with the U.S. Forest Service in Logan Utah and Paul Rogers an Adjunct Assistant Professor at Utah State University and Director of the Western Aspen Alliance. The talks will take place from 6-9pm Monday, August 10, in the Lovatt Room at the Pinedale Library.

The following two days, Aug 11-12, will take attendees to the field with visits to select aspen stands in both the Wyoming and Wind River Ranges. Sites will include the Fontenelle Fire west of Big Piney, prescribed fires also in the northern Wyoming Range and mechanical aspen treatments conducted near Soda Lake north of Pinedale.

Aspen communities are extremely important for wildlife, and in Wyoming, are second only to wetland and riparian areas for the number of species they support. It is estimated that approximately half of the aspen in Wyoming have been lost due to fire suppression over the past century. The proliferation of aspen on the landscape is dependent upon periodic fire to set back the natural encroachment of conifer trees and sagebrush over time.

"Aspen are very unique and have great ecological value, especially for wildlife," says Pinedale Habitat Biologist Jill Randall. "We are very fortunate to have these aspen experts from the intermountain west and I encourage members of the public to come take advantage of this great learning opportunity."

Workshop sponsors also will be raffling off a new 2015 Stihl chainsaw during the speaker series on Monday evening. Tickets can be purchased for $20 each at Bucky’s Outdoors in Pinedale. For more information on the workshop or raffle tickets contact Jill Randall, Eric Maichak or Floyd Roadifer at the Pinedale Game and Fish office at 307-367-4353.

Summer Fun Fest August 1 in Pinedale (posted 7/28/15)
Gateway Church in Pinedale is hosting their Summer Fun Fest on Saturday, August 1st at 5:30PM in the American Legion Park in Pinedale. There will be free food for the first 300 people. Special performance by comedian Justin Fennell (bring a camp chair for the show). Family fun with a Bounce House, obstacle course, balloon animals and face painting. Sponsored by Gateway Church. For more information call Steve Miller, 307-749-3352.

Extreme Teen event August 2 (posted 7/28/15)
Aftershock presents the Extreme Teen event on Sunday, August 2nd at 6PM at the Pinedale Skateboard Park. Free BBQ, special guest speaker Josh Grimes. For more information contact Steve Miller, Gateway Church, 307-749-3352.

1st Annual SAFV Task Force Golf Tournament, Dinner & Auction September 19th (posted 7/28/15)
The 1st Annual SAFV Task Force Golf Tournament, Dinner & Auction will be held on Saturday, September 19th at Rendezvous Meadows Golf Course in Pinedale. To sign up a team, for dinner tickets, or for more info please call SAFV at 307-367-6305. This event is generously sponsored by Jonah Energy.

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Sublette County Fair Lynn Thomas Memorial Art Show gains momentum (posted 7/28/15)
Charmian McLellan
The second annual Sublette County Fair Lynn Thomas Memorial Art Show sparkled with the creative energy of fine artists from both in and out of Sublette County. The show opened on July 19 and closed July 25.

Artists from the Mixed Media Art Group worked diligently to display 178 pieces of artwork submitted by 40 artists. The diverse exhibit ran the gamut of oil, acrylic, watercolor, pastel, and encaustic paintings to graphite drawings, pottery, and sculpture. The subjects included many excellent landscapes, abstracts, still lifes, and wildlife. There was a total of 16 sales. There was a special exhibit of paintings by Lynn Thomas on loan from Albert and Jonita Sommers, Mack and Ruth Rawhouser, and Clete and Laurie LaMere.

Well-known artist, Kathy Wipfler of Jackson, WY, chose Pinedale artist Melita Snow's encaustic painting, "Sunflowers", as Best of Show. Director's Choice went to Sharon Schell of Big Piney for her sculpture, "Justin". Idaho Falls artist, Mark Marino, walked away with "People's Choice" for his beautiful oil painting, "September Song".

Four Sublette County businesses generously committed to Purchase Awards. The Waterhole selected Daniel artist Kay Meeks's oil painting, "Juvenile Jaunt". Farm Bureau Insurance purchased Dubois, WY, artist Gary Keimig's oil painting, "The Aspen". First Bank selected Cora ceramist Rita Donham's stoneward vase. The Bank of Sublette County purchased Pinedale artist Melita Snow's watercolor, "Reflection".

Seven artists participated in a "Paint-Out" on Thursday, July 23. These were Debbie Despain, Laurie LaMere, Charmian McLellan, Kay Meeks, Bonnie Nelson, Dee Parker, and Dorothy Selman. The public was treated to a festive reception that evening followed by an auction of the "Paint-Out" artwork. Tim Sims of LaBarge was auctioneer.

This year, the artists of Mixed Media sponsored Bailey Schupp, their first "Promising Young Artist to Watch". Also, youngsters were encouraged to become "Art Detectives" by searching for various subjects and styles in the paintings. They were permitted to choose a prize after completing their quest.

The fairgrounds Community Hall has found a whole new purpose thanks to the hard work and enthusiastic support of the Sublette County Fair Board, Jay and Brianne Brower and their crews, Kailey Barlow, Mixed Media Artists, all the participating artists, and the businesses who granted Purchase Awards.

For further information, please contact Charmian McLellan at 307-537-5488.

Road work begins on Skyline Drive (posted 7/28/15)
Summer traffic delays of up to 20 minutes possible up to White Pine
Bridger-Teton National Forest
PINEDALE, WYOMING - The Skyline Drive, which is located 3 miles north of Pinedale, Wyoming in the Bridger-Teton National Forest, is currently undergoing much needed reconstruction to enhance its safety.

This 15 mile-long paved road (Forest Road #37-740) provides spectacular views of the Wind River Range, Fremont Lake, and much of the Pinedale valley. During the summer and fall, this road provides access to the popular Elkhart Trailhead, Wind River Resort, Half Moon Lake Resort, Half Moon Campground and Boat Site, dispersed campsites, OHV routes, firewood gathering, and hunting opportunities along its 15 mile length. In the winter, this road also provides access to the White Pine Ski Resort and groomed cross-country ski trail system on the National Forest.

Approximately 7 miles of Skyline Drive will be reconstructed over the next two years, beginning at the Fremont Lake Road junction (FS 37-741) and ending approximately 1 mile north of the turnoff to White Pine Sky Area (FS Rd 37-747). Construction will occur during the summer and fall of 2015 and 2016, during which time the roadway will remain open to the public with estimated delays of up to 20 minutes. Road closures or delays during the winter are not expected.

This project is necessary to improve the safety, usability, and longevity of this portion of Skyline Drive. Safety concerns include an abrupt drop-off to unpaved shoulders, narrow width of road surface, short sight distances due to excess vegetation, limited informational signing, and limited availability of parking pullouts. Additional safety concerns involve winter use and snowplowing of this road to access the White Pine Ski Area and cross-country ski trail system.

The roadway will be widened to more safely accommodate two-way traffic and realigned in several locations to reduce sharp turns. Shoulders will be extended on both sides of the roadway, culverts will be replaced, and the Surveyor Creek timber bridge will be replaced with a metal arch pipe. Other improvements include removal of vegetation impeding visual site distance, installation of new guardrails, and addition of pullouts and informational signing in selected areas.

The Skyline Drive Reconstruction Project is a cooperative project involving the Central Federal Lands Highway Division, Sublette County Roads & Bridges, Bureau of Land Management, and the Bridger-Teton National Forest. Funding for this project will be provided by Central Federal Highways and Sublette County Roads & Bridges, with Central Federal Highways responsible for administering the contract.

The reconstruction contract was recently awarded by Central Federal Highways to Hooker Creek Construction, Inc., from Red Bluff, California. The contractor has begun clearing the road right-of way, and plans to remove and transport rock to a preapproved holding and processing site along Skyline Drive, where rock will be crushed for use on the project. The project is scheduled to be completed in the fall of 2016. Upon completion of this long-overdue reconstruction project, Sublette County Roads & Bridges will assume year-round maintenance of the newly reconstructed 7 mile segment of Skyline Drive.

For more information about this project, contact South Zone Natural Resource Manager Cindy Stein at (307) 367-5717.

Town holds public meeting to discuss movie theater proposal (posted 7/28/15)
Pinedale Online!
Editor's update 7/29/15: Mayor Bob Jones sent in an update on the expected annual maintenance for the theater facility, which at the meeting was estimated to be around $1/2 million: "The real number is more like $200,000 for total operating costs." The Town of Pinedale has added links to the business plan and financial information for the proposal on their website.
Original post 7/28/15

The Pinedale Town Council chambers were packed to overflowing Monday evening for a public meeting to discuss a proposal for the Town to build a movie theater complex. The Council heard comments and discussion for an hour and a half on the topic with many people speaking both for and against the proposal and asking questions. The location, final configuration, and management details have not been worked out to any great detail at this time. The current proposal is to spend $2 million of Town reserve money on a three theater movie complex. Annual maintenance is estimated to be about $½ million. On a general show of hands regarding how people felt about the project, the vast majority raised their hands on being neutral and wanting more information, about 17 people said they were for the theater, and a handful of people said they were against it.

The Town Council decided they want to have more discussion about the idea and come up with more solid details, partnering options, and financial analyses of proposed options. The Town plans to hold another public meeting sometime in the future to continue the discussion. Information and more details about the proposal so far will be posted on the Town’s website, www.townofpinedale.us.

Livestock sale comparison chart
Livestock sale comparison chart
2015 Sublette County Fair livestock results (posted 7/23/15)
2015 Livestock sale averages
2015 Beef Show Results
2015 Junior Horse Show Results
2015 Jr Sheep and Goat Show Results
2015 Junior Swine Show, including Market and Showmanship classes Results

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Mosquito spraying in Pinedale August 2 & 3 (posted 7/23/15)
Town of Pinedale
Public Notice: Bee keepers please be advised! Mosquito Abatement District 1, which includes the Town of Pinedale, will be sprayed aerially on August 2, 2015 and August 3, 2015. This will occur if weather permits. In addition, fogging will take place at various locations in July 28th and 30th, weather permitting.

2nd Annual Family Music Festival at White Pine Resort August 1st.
2nd Annual Family Music Festival at White Pine Resort August 1st.
White Pine gears up for upcoming season (posted 7/23/15)
Season Lift Passes now on sale; Fun events August 1st & 2nd
White Pine Ski Resort
Lift passes for the 2015/16 winter season at White Pine Ski Resort are now on sale. Priced at $280 for an adult (18-69 years old), pre-season lift purchases represent a 30% saving on the price of a season pass on opening day. The early discount continues through to August 31st. Student (13-18) and Senior (70+) season passes are $230.00, Junior (6-12) are $180.00 and child (5 and under) is $45.00.

To help promote the early discounts, White Pine Resort will be holding "Funday Sunday" on Sunday August 2nd at the resort, offering complimentary hamburgers and hot dogs. The lifts will be operating for mountain bike enthusiasts and hikers wanting to enjoy a free ride up to the top of Fortification Mountain and make their own way down. "Everyone is invited. This was so popular last year that we decided to repeat the Funday again this year," says co-owner Roy DeWitt. "It is going to a great weekend at White Pine with the Family Music Festival on Saturday August 1st."

The Family Music Festival offers entertainment from noon to 10pm with a mix of local and out-of-state bands. Kid’s favorite is sure to be Alex and the Kaleidoscope featuring local celebrity Samatha Rice who will have kids and grandparents dancing to their fun action songs. A Bouncy House, face painting and crafts will all be set up adjacent to the lodge for the 2nd annual Children’s Discovery Center fundraiser. Band line up also includes Sublette County stars Jared Rogerson and 6 Foot 2 as well as Utah’s Rick Gerber Band. "As a member of a number of Salt Lake City supergroups, Rick Gerber has established himself as a crowd-pleasing, full-tilt rocker with a stage presence that can’t be beat," promises the band’s promotional material. Tickets are Adult $30, Child $10, Family $75.

White Pine has tents, RV spaces and cabins available for rent for those wishing to stay overnight and make the most of the weekend.

Available again is the winter season pass cancellation waiver which provides a full refund to cover the unexpected incidences such as injuries or job transfer which would prevent use of the season pass. Priced at $10/person when purchased with a season pass, a full refund is available up until November 30th no questions asked.

White Pine Resort will also be offering ski rental season packages. "As parents of young children, we know how quickly our children outgrow their shoes, and at White Pine we want to cater to that need by making equipment changes available throughout the winter as part of the equipment package," says DeWitt. "We have a shipment of skis and snowboards arriving shortly for all age groups." Ski rental season packages start at $99.00.

And for those who are tired of lugging gear up to the mountain, White Pine will be offering a number of 6’ ski lockers available for rent. Priced at $110 for the winter, it will mean somewhere to leave ski equipment safe but close to the lifts.

Full details can be found on the "White Pine Season Passes 2015-16" mail-in form available at Rock Rabbit and Office Outlet in Pinedale. Visit White Pine’s website www.whitepineski.com, phone 307-367-6606 or email skiinfo@whitepineski.com to request the season pass application form.

For Further Information: Robyn Blackburn, cell 307-360-6272, robyn@goark.com.

Local Services:
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Current views from area web cameras. Travel and Weather info here.

Trappers Point
Pinedale WYDOT Web Cam
Click for Camera Page and more WYDOT webcams

WYDOT Web Cam on US 189 north of Marbleton at the junction with Hwy 351  - view looking south
US 189 north of Marbleton - View looking south

WYDOT Web Cam on US 191 at Sand Draw - view looking north
US 191 at Sand Draw - View looking north

Link to Satellite Data


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