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Pinedale Online > News > February 2024 > Obituary - Leo E. Hakola

Leo E. Hakola. Photo by .
Leo E. Hakola
Obituary - Leo E. Hakola
9/16/1946 – 11/07/2023
February 29, 2024

Leo Erland Hakola was born September 16th 1946 in Oakland, CA. He passed away peacefully November 7th 2023 at his family homestead in La Barge, WY. He was 77 years old and made the most of his time on Earth. Leo’s father was Hugo Hakola, and his mother was Lila Hakola. He is survived by his son Jess Hakola, his older brother Lauri Hakola, and members of his family extended. Leo had two sons born to Carmen Bagdon, Jess, who survives him, is mentioned above.

Leo spent his childhood years in Grand Coulee, WA and E. Wenatchee, WA. This is where he found great interest in Native American culture and outdoor skills such as hunting and trapping. He graduated from Eastmont High School in E. Wenatchee, WA. Leo pursued college at the University of Washington to the point of a Bachelor of Arts degree, but when the time came to receive his diploma, he said "keep it!"

Leo was an epic father to his two sons by providing a hard-working, creative, and meaningful upbringing. He took pride in sharing his extensive wisdom with his children, family, and friends. He was a great provider for his family and always made sure their needs were met or exceeded. Survival skills, marksmanship, hunting, trapping, camping, and proper craftsmanship were all traits of his. One of his most notable achievements is the restoration of his family homestead in the 1970’s.

For a majority of his life, Leo was an entrepreneur of the cultural arts. He traded goods from around the world, ranging from native American jewelry to African sculpture, and everything in-between. His knowledge of world history and culture developed into a deeply connected social network of folks from all over the planet. Trade beads were the main focus for his trade business for decades. Due to his unique ability to bargain and his knowledge of quality, African tribes presented him the official title of "Super Power." Leo lived in homage to Jesus Christ, as well as those ascended masters such as Buddha and Krishna.

Over the years, Leo made his appearance in films such as; "Dances with Wolves," "Mountain Men" and two of his own films, "Flintlock Wapiti" and "The Spirit of Rendezvous." Flintlock Wapiti documents Leo on a primitive elk hunt in the Wyoming Range, utilizing a flintlock muzzleloader for his method of take-down. "The Spirit of Rendezvous" captures the essence of present-day mountain man rendezvous, as well as tieing in a story of two beaver trappers who time travel with the assistance of a Leprechaun. The producing of these films is a testament to Leo’s passionate honor for American history. You can also see Leo in his element on "American Pickers" (Episode "One of Everything"). Leo’s love for each person’s unique soul attributes was the ultimate trademark of his personality, seeing every living being as a particular character who plays their role to contribute special value towards the greater good of life itself.

Being creative and working hard, that’s what made Leo the happiest. Leo Hakola was an extraordinary man with a heart of gold who embraced the un-bridled, full powered American Dream. The multitude and intensity of Leo’s experiences is impossible to describe. Those that knew him can attest to the fact that his modus operandi was not average or normal to say the least.

Memorial Services will be held in La Barge, WY on June 7th and 8th 2024.

Memorial contributions can be sent to: Jess Hakola, PO BOX 7, La Barge, WY 83123

"Always add a Bit of Art into everything you do"
Leo E. Hakola

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