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Pinedale Online > News > June 2023 > ‘23: The Place We Call Home’

23 - The Place We Call Home. Photo by Dave Bell.
23 - The Place We Call Home

Upper Wind River Range Overlook. Photo by Dave Bell.
Upper Wind River Range Overlook
Photo by Dave Bell

Dave Bell. Photo by .
Dave Bell

23 Home. Photo by Dave Bell.
23 Home
‘23: The Place We Call Home’
New photo book by Dave Bell
by Dawn Ballou, Pinedale Online!
June 23, 2023

Local photographer Dave Bell has published his most recent book of his stunning photography and it is now available in local stores. "23: The Place We Call Home," is a collection of 200 images from the place he calls home, Sublette County, Wyoming. All of the images were taken in Sublette County. He chose to display the images in complete random order rather than arrange by date, topic or season of the year. "To me, this was the logical next book because of our love of where we live. This is Sublette County from my eye," Dave said.

The state of Wyoming has 23 counties. Sublette County, #23, was the last county to be formed, in 1923. Wyoming is a rural, sparsely-populated state where citizens have a lot of comradery with each other. County numbers appear on the vehicle license plates, making it easy to tell what county in Wyoming someone is from. That county affinity is especially felt when encountering a Wyoming plate while traveling in another state. Wyomingites enjoy that all of the counties in the state have the same area code, 307, and are proud of the number of the county in which they reside.

"23: The Place We Call Home" is Dave’s third coffee table photo book. His photos in this one range from his earliest days of digital photography to present. "I have long wanted to produce a book highlighting, from my photographic eye, the beauty, diversity and unique characteristics of life in Sublette County. I reached way back to the start of my digital photographic experience in 2003 to capture images from the very beginning. Literally, an image in this book is image number one – the first I took with a digital camera." (…on page 138, of son Donner on the snowmachine.)

This is a hardcover book with 210 pages. Size is 8.5 x 11.
Cost is $75.00.
The book is available in Pinedale at:
Obo’s Market & Deli
Cowboy Shop
Office Outlet
307 Mercantile
Lakeside Lodge
Great Outdoor Shop
Museum of the Mountain Man
Rocky Mountain Home Center/Gannett Peak Sports

Dave is an avid photographer, mountaineer and explorer. He is retired and lives in Pinedale, Wyoming with his wife, Peggy. They have two grown children. He travels extensively throughout Wyoming, the western United States and Canada. He enjoys the wild places in nature and spends as much time as he can on the hiking trails of the western Wyoming mountains. Dave has generously shared many of his photos with Pinedale Online and our readers for over twenty years (click here for his photo gallery). Dave’s other two books are, "COVID Through the Lens – 2020 Photography Yearbook" and "Dreams on the Green: Seven Mile River Ranch."

Pinedale Online > News > June 2023 > ‘23: The Place We Call Home’

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