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Pinedale Online > News > February 2023 > Local author publishes 2nd book on Savage 99 rifles

New Book. Photo by David Royal.
New Book

Table of Contents. Photo by Pinedale Online!.
Table of Contents

Detail photo. Photo by Pinedale Online.
Detail photo

Many photos. Photo by Pinedale Online.
Many photos

David Royal. Photo by David Royal.
David Royal
Local author publishes 2nd book on Savage 99 rifles
by Pinedale Online!
February 12, 2023

Local author, David Royal, has published his second book on the Savage 99 rifle and it is now available. This follow-on book focuses on the beautiful and elaborately engraved variants of the 99. The new book is entitled, "Savage Model 1895, 1899 & 99 Rifles – Volume 2: Engraved and Special Feature Models."

Although widely perceived as utilitarian, Savage’s Models 1895, 1899, and 99 were often ornamented by gifted artisans. Nine of Savage’s first model, the 1895, were manufactured by Marlin and engraved by their in-house engraver, Conrad Ulrich. Photographs of six of these rifles are included, along with an extensive biography of the Ulrich family of engravers.

The Model 1899s were engraved by Enoch Tue and featured a great variety of engraving and a long list of other enhancements. This is considered the heyday of engraved Savages, and all of Tue’s styles are covered in this book. It is estimated that he engraved anywhere from 600 to a thousand Model 1899 and 99s.The Model 99s were available with engraving sporadically until the end of Savage 99 production, and these later iterations are also discussed in detail.

The first chapter of this new book showcases the outstanding collection of engraved and special-feature rifles owned by David and Jane Trauth, whom Royal says have one of the finest collection of Savage lever-action rifles in the world. The book has 78 pages and 259 color close-up detail pictures of this collection alone.

This book also covers other special features available on the various Savage Model lever-action rifles. This includes high-grade wood checkering, plating, other enhancements such as pistol grips on the earliest rifles, and even a Schutzen Model 1899. The appendix has a biography with as much information as could be found of the hand engravers who worked for the Savage Arms company.

This new volume is hardcover, 320 pages, and has over 890 color and black and white photos. It goes into significantly more detail on the Savage 99 rifles than his first book. It will be enjoyed by anyone who collects and appreciates engraved and special-edition weapons. Cost is $79.99. The book is available locally at Office Outlet in Pinedale, and from the author. It is also available to order online from, Amazon,, and other major book sellers.

David Royal’s first book, published in 2016, was A Collector's Guide to the Savage 99 Rifle and Its Predecessors, the Model 1895 and 1899." This was also published by Schiffer Military Publishing. This is the first book to cover every aspect of the Savage 99 family of centerfire rifles from the prototypes to the last rifle produced, including Savage’s only production military rifle, the Montreal Home Guard musket from WWI. Price for this book is $59.99.

David Royal has had a long infatuation with the Savage 99. He started collecting and displaying the rifles in 2005. He is a former freelance magazine writer and photographer. David and his wife, Merris, live in Pinedale, Wyoming. He can be reached by calling 307-231-0869, or by email at Ask about a discount if you get both books.

Pinedale Online > News > February 2023 > Local author publishes 2nd book on Savage 99 rifles

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