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Pinedale Online > News > October 2022 > Looking for return of WW2-era Marine uniforms
Looking for return of WW2-era Marine uniforms
Dropped off at the Pinedale Food Basket
October 10, 2022

Editorís note: We received this request to reach out to the community regarding military uniforms that were dropped off at the Pinedale Food Basket:

"Last week the food basket received a handful of WW2-era Marine uniforms and they ended up on the Halloween rack. I bought one of the last ones.

My grandfather, an Italian-American, served in Japan in the 2nd Marine Division. I thought maybe I could rock the Marine jacket like John Lennon wore his army jacket.

There was a western union (baa baa baaa baa baa,baa baa baaa ba baa) letter in the pocket of the jacket and I used it to track down the surviving son of Lt. Thomas J. Saracino.

Tom's son, Brian, was thrilled to hear from me and that one of his dad's old uniforms was found and is now headed his way. His parents had property in Pinedale but he has no idea how the uniforms ended up at the food basket.

I don't know for sure that the other uniforms donated at the same time also originally belonged to Lt. Saracino, but for now I am assuming that they did. Perhaps somebody was collecting old uniforms, but I'm guessing they all were Tom's.

So I'm reaching out to you today, to see if you would be interested in putting out some feelers to try and track down whoever bought the other uniforms at the food basket...or even if anyone knows how they ended up there.

Just like Sgt. Silvio Pedri, Lt. Thomas Saracino didn't talk much about the war and his family doesn't have very many momentos from that time. It would mean the world to Lt. Saracino's son and grandchildren if more of these uniforms could be recovered.

Tom served as a Lt. in the 1st Marine Division in Japan. He and his wife Mary Jane spent some time in Pinedale over the years.

Anything you could do to help recover more of these uniforms would be greatly appreciated.

I've reached out to a couple employees at the basket as well.

If you do choose to take this on, feel free to broadcast my phone number for any replies. I am making sure that Brian gets the uniform currently in my possession and I would be happy to relay any additional uniforms as well."

Thank you for your consideration,
Marcus Petrelli

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