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Pinedale Online > News > August 2022 > Garden Of Beauty – Julie and Jordan Kraft

Julie Kraft. Photo by Sage & Snow Garden Club.
Julie Kraft
Photo courtesy Sage & Snow Garden Club
Garden Of Beauty – Julie and Jordan Kraft
August 5, 2022
by Sage & Snow Garden Club
August 16, 2022

Julie and Jordan Kraft earned the Garden of Beauty award for their prolific flower gardens. The sounds of Pine Creek, the mature spruce and aspen trees, and the colorful flower gardens make their home a beautiful space in Shelter Park. Not only does Julie grow a variety of flowers, but her list of native flowers is impressive. Julie especially loves penstemons and primroses. Her penstemons include firecracker, elfin, big blue, Mexicali, Husker red, Venus, blue lips, pineleaf, Fayette, and Rocky Mountain. Julie’s primroses include a pink, a white hairy, a white tufted, and a yellow evening primrose. The other flowers that vie for space are asters, alliums, wallflowers, cranesbill geraniums, bitterroot, scarlet gilia, pussytoes, hens and chicks, violas, Maltese cross, catmint, lilies, Jacob’s ladder, sedums, bedstraw, Pearly everlasting, erigeron, delphiniums, native white sage, poppy mallow, grape hyacinths, iris, dianthus, snow in winter, and many colors of dwarf tulips. Though Julie’s primary interest is flowers, she also grows asparagus, garlic, walking onions, chives, gooseberries, and rhubarb. Julie is the supervisor of the Sublette County Weed and Pest District. She served as president of the Sage and Snow Garden Club and the Sublette County Native Plant Society for many years. Many local folks cherish Julie’s wildflower walks with the Native Plant Society.

Pinedale Online > News > August 2022 > Garden Of Beauty – Julie and Jordan Kraft

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