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Pinedale Online > News > May 2022 > Why is there an egg shortage?

Eggs in short supply. Photo by .
Eggs in short supply

Avian flu in wild birds in Wyoming. Photo by Wyoming Game & Fish.
Avian flu in wild birds in Wyoming
Why is there an egg shortage?
by Pinedale Online!
May 4, 2022

The price of eggs has increased greatly in April and May 2022, and there is a nation-wide shortage of eggs. The reasons are in part due to an avian flu that has swept across the country, compounded by supply chain issues and high poultry feed costs. The virus is highly infectious in poultry flocks, which is causing farmers to kill millions of birds, driving the prices of eggs to historic levels. The high prices are not only impacting consumers who buy eggs directly, but also businesses that regularly use large numbers of eggs. The wholesale price of eggs is reportedly nearly three times that of a year ago.

The Wyoming Game & Fish is asking the public to report any groups of dead birds. The virus has been detected in wild birds in Fremont, Big Horn, and Park counties. Many migratory birds can carry the disease but not show signs of illness. Birds confirmed infected in Wyoming include two great horned owls and several Canada geese. Wild birds can infect domestic flocks if they comingle, for instance at feeders or bird baths. People who have backyard poultry flocks are advised to keep their birds, feed and water sources inaccessible to wild birds. The public is cautioned to not touch or handle sick or dead birds, and do not allow domestic dogs and cats to touch or feed on sick or dead birds. Transmission of the avian flu virus from birds to humans is reportedly very rare, but people are cautioned to wear gloves and take protective measures when handling all birds.

Pinedale Online > News > May 2022 > Why is there an egg shortage?

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