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Pinedale Online > News > August 2021 > Cally’s Helping Hands 2020

Pinedale Lions Club. Photo by .
Pinedale Lions Club
Jason Essington

Friends of PAC. Photo by .
Friends of PAC
Dave Pawlowski
Cally’s Helping Hands 2020
August 23, 2021

Recipients of the 2020 Cally’s Helping Hands were announced, recognizing their volunteer hours during the turbulent year of the Covid pandemic. Unfortunately, because of health restrictions, there was no recognition dinner held for these generous volunteers who deserve thanks and gratitude for their contributions to these organizations.

Pinedale Lions Club: Jason Essington 1,500 hours
Friends of PAC: Dave Pawlowski 600 hours
Sublette County Libraries: Ed and Linda Trimmer 50 hours
Fishing For The Fight: Chauncey Goodrich 830 hours
Jackson Hole Land Trust: JJ Healy 100 hours
Sublette County Visitor Center: Dan Beaulieu 1,100 hours
SAFV Task Force: Jessica Artz, 4,375 hours
Tip Top Search & Rescue: Dave Lankford 2,313 hours
Sublette County Historical Society: Dave Vlcek 1,900 hours
Children's Discovery Center: Pinedale Lions Club 375 hours

Sublette Co Library. Photo by .
Sublette Co Library
Ed and Linda Trimmer

Fishing for the Fight. Photo by .
Fishing for the Fight
Chauncey Goodrich

Jackson Hole Land Trust. Photo by .
Jackson Hole Land Trust
JJ Healey

Sublette Visitor's Center. Photo by .
Sublette Visitor's Center
Dan Beaulieu

SAFV. Photo by .
Jessica Artz

Tip Top Search & Rescue. Photo by .
Tip Top Search & Rescue
Dave Lankford

Museum of the Mountain Man. Photo by .
Museum of the Mountain Man
Dave Vlcek

Children's Discovery Center. Photo by .
Children's Discovery Center
Pinedale Lions Club
Pinedale Online > News > August 2021 > Cally’s Helping Hands 2020

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