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Pinedale Online > News > March 2019 > Wolf News Roundup 3/11/2019
Wolf News Roundup 3/11/2019
by Cat Urbigkit, Pinedale Online!
March 11, 2019

A top Interior Department official announced intentions to remove wolves nationwide from the list of federally protected species. If the Trump-administrationís proposal goes forward, it will follow the same path as similar proposals in the Bush, Clinton, and Obama administrations Ė efforts that ultimately failed when wolf advocates succeeded in convincing federal courts to keep the predators protected. Numerous wolf advocacy groups have already pledged their intention to sue, and have undertaken fundraising efforts to contest the governmentís proposal.

23 Sheep killed
The Oregon Department of Fish and Wildlife has determined that 23 dead sheep found in a private pasture in Curry County were probably killed by wolves. This Oregon county was not previously known to have one of the stateís wolf packs.

More wolves to Isle Royale
Last week was a busy one on Isle Royale, with four more Canadian wolves captured and relocated into Isle Royale National Park. A 65-pound female wolf was released into the park, as well as three male wolves, each weighing around 90 pounds. The recent translocation brings the islandís wolf population to 8 animals, as the National Park Service seeks to restore predation on moose as a major driver of the parkís ecosystem.

Human attacks
Wolves in Tajikistan have been making the headlines after numerous attacks on humans. Radio Free Europe/Radio Liberty reports that wolves killed two women in eastern Tajikistan. There have been three other reported attacks on humans: one involving a young boy; one on a police officer; and another on a young boy. The attacks reportedly took place when wolves entered villages after heavy snowfall. After a wolf-hunting ban was imposed several years ago, rifles were confiscated, and villagers now resort to defending themselves with shovels and pitchforks.

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  • Pinedale Online > News > March 2019 > Wolf News Roundup 3/11/2019

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