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Pinedale Online > News > December 2018 > WYDOT to switch to new temporary tags
WYDOT to switch to new temporary tags
by Wyoming Department of Transportation
December 20, 2018

Auto dealers will soon switch from issuing green temporary tags when someone buys a vehicle to the new non-destructive white tags, which are designed to prevent fraud.

Dealers will have up until Dec. 31 to use their surplus of green tags. Starting Jan. 1, 2019, the Wyoming Department of Transportation is requiring that dealers use the new white tags.

The green temporary tags are good for 60 days after they’re issued, which means the last of the green tags could be on vehicles until February 2019.

"The Wyoming Department of Transportation is always looking for ways to modernize the way we do business so we can better serve our customers," said WYDOT Director Bill Panos. "The new temporary tags will help prevent fraud because they come with high-tech security features, which protect our customers."

The new tags will not only be printed on non-destructible paper, but dealers will also need to add a special Wyoming holographic sticker to the tag.

A number is assigned to the temporary tag, which must match the number on the hologram. In addition, the new temporary tags will include the vehicle’s year, model and color. The previous green tags didn’t contain that information.

The new tags are designed to be mounted to the rear bumper, in the same manner as a regular license plate. They also have an expiration date and a temporary placard that is removed and kept in the vehicle with the owner’s information.

WYDOT stopped selling the green temporary tags on Aug. 31. The department has been working with auto dealers in the state over the past few months to get them ready for the switch.

Another change with the temporary tags is how dealers will get them. Instead of buying temporary tags from WYDOT and the Ports of Entry, dealers and counties will get them electronically.

They will order the special paper and holographic stickers from OpSec Security Inc., the vendor WYDOT has partnered with to implement the new temporary tag system.

The temporary tag information is also stored in a centralized database, making it easier for law enforcement to verify ownership.

"Right now, law enforcement has to call us to verify information when they stop someone who has a temporary Wyoming tag," Lopez said. "That means if they stop someone outside of regular business hours, they won’t be able to check with us. The new system will ensure law enforcement has access to that information 24 hours a day, seven days a week."

To learn more about the new temporary tags, dealers can visit WYDOT’s website here.

Pinedale Online > News > December 2018 > WYDOT to switch to new temporary tags

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