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Pinedale Online > News > October 2018 > Last Rides of Cowboys, Indians, Generals, and Chiefs

Last Rides. Photo by Paul Jensen.
Last Rides
New book by local author Paul Jensen
Last Rides of Cowboys, Indians, Generals, and Chiefs
New book by Paul Jensen
October 8, 2018

Local author Paul Jensen has just released his latest book, "Last Rides of Cowboys, Indians, Generals, and Chiefs." The book features the untamed West as recorded through the lens of three of the era’s best-known photographers: David Francis Barry, John C.H. Grabill, and L.A. Huffman.

Jensen, the author of three other books on the West, said, "These photographers lived through the pivotal events of the 19th-century West such as the dissolution of the once proud and free Plains Indians, the life and death of George Armstrong Custer and hundreds of the 7th Cavalry, the emergence of the cowboy as the new American hero, and the end of the frontier."

The book includes sixty classic photographs integrated with the stories of the photographers’ lives. Much of these photographers’ appeal lay in their record of the Old West, its cowboys, bronc busters, and Indian warriors. These legends walked off life’s stage over a century ago, but these three photographers continue to give new life and vibrancy to their subjects generation after generation.

While these visual histories and stories bring to life an era that has passed, they instill a longing for life on the frontier where independence, self-reliance, and grit thrived - best represented by America’s cultural icon, the cowboy and before him Native American warriors and chiefs such as Crazy Horse, War Chief Gall, and Sitting Bull.

Paul Jensen will have a book signing on Wednesday, November 14th at 6:00PM at the Pinedale Library. Books are available from the author and online from Amazon and Barnes & Noble. Jensen can be reached at or through his website

Pinedale Online > News > October 2018 > Last Rides of Cowboys, Indians, Generals, and Chiefs

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