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Ground Level Remote. Photo by Terry Allen.
Ground Level Remote
Thanks for all the help, Tim.

Happy 4th at Lakeside Lodge. Photo by Terry Allen.
Happy 4th at Lakeside Lodge

Captain Connor of Fremont Lake. Photo by Terry Allen.
Captain Connor of Fremont Lake

Ranae at the Concert in the Park. Photo by Terry Allen.
Ranae at the Concert in the Park

Drawn to It at Lakeside Lodge. Photo by Terry Allen.
Drawn to It at Lakeside Lodge
Caitlin: "Hey Ter, I'm sort of being drawn to this spot. How about right here?" Terry: "Well yeah!"

AnaMarie and Cherylann. Photo by Terry Allen.
AnaMarie and Cherylann
4th of July in Pinedale, Wyoming 2018
A Five Mile Diameter Sampling
by Terry Allen
July 5, 2018

Tim and his fireworks crew were busy setting up at the ball fields Wednesday morning and he said he'd let me set up my gear after they had loaded and wired all the charges.

On the way down the hill, I saw a bunch of young men loading groceries into a U-haul trailer so I stopped and found out they were from Wilderness Adventures in Jackson and were going into our woods for 7 days...with Meat Sticks. That's a story and a shot. They figured they could survive as long as they had them. After the first 7 days, they go off into someone else's woods for another 14 days....probably with...

I met the sound crew setting up for the concert in the park. Dave, Danny and their dog...Fat Fur Monkey.
Captain Connor was at Sandy Beach with his family and I learned he had several titles. Captain of Pinedale, Captain of Fun, and Captain of Fremont Lake. Thomas Mack and his friend were cruising around on 15hp choppers that go 30mph. They built them. Fenn, Tommy and Delaney were hitting balls on the driving range with their Dads. Tracey was mixing up drinks in the clubhouse. Burley and his family posed for a nice shot with their dog...who was pretty disturbed there were only empty plates on the picnic table.

I went over to Lakeside Lodge to get a holiday shot and Tara made me a drink with melon, berries and tequila...while we waited for some beautiful models to appear. Like magic Robin and Lisa appeared and one of them started drinking my drink before I even got a sip. I was starting to feel like a Genie had given me three wishes.

I was going out the door when Caitlin arrived in an amazing South of France Sunflower dress and we decided to make a glorious shot. Let me know what you think.

I haven't seen our big horse and wagon driver AnaMarie for the longest time. She had a load of folks in her wagon and little Cherylann was just sitting there smiling at me with her little red, white and blue pinwheel spinning, and so we made a nice shot. Thanks Ladies! btw, Anamarie, I really did get Tim to announce you needed Kay to help with the horses.

Walking back down the sidewalk I saw some long legs and the sun behind them. She was just climbing out of a touring van so I figured she was in the band. Whew! Thanks for the cool shot!

Tommy Upp has been telling me about his donuts, so I climbed into The Donut Hole (trailer) and took a shot of customers...and Tommy gave me a nice, cold, hard vanilla ice cream cone. Yeah!

Little Sashay Paravicini asked if I'd like to get my face painted with her, so we went over and found out we were getting tattoo's instead...from Haley. Just moments before I had heard the happy news about Tim and Hayley...and someone asked if she had a tattoo on her belly.

Sunset found me up on the hill getting my remote triggering camera gear set up. Boom Boom Boom. It just heaved and rocked the earth...and my flimsy little tripods (hence the blurry photos). I thought for sure I'd find them tipped over and broken when I went back to retrieve them.
Thanks to Tim and The Daredevil Crew!
Those were the best fireworks in my memory.

Thank you Dawn Ballou, Pinedale Online! for sponsoring this story.
Just so you all know...I had received a request to put more women in my stories. My apologies to everyone, I hate unbalanced reporting ;-)
Terry Allen:

Valkyrie Seems.... Photo by Terry Allen.
Valkyrie Seems...

Mayor Matt of Pinedale. Photo by Terry Allen.
Mayor Matt of Pinedale
"I don't flip 'em, I fling 'em."

The Fireworks Daredevil's. Photo by Terry Allen.
The Fireworks Daredevil's
These guys. A whole new respect for these guys.

Tracy and Her Family at the Memorial. Photo by Terry Allen.
Tracy and Her Family at the Memorial

A Musical Artist. Photo by Terry Allen.
A Musical Artist

Delany Gets a Donut from Tommy Upp's. Photo by Terry Allen.
Delany Gets a Donut from Tommy Upp's

Mark August Flinner. Photo by Terry Allen.
Mark August Flinner
"I made this obstacle golf course myself," he said.

Boom Boom Boom. Photo by Terry Allen.
Boom Boom Boom
Ground level remote setup. Notice the daredevils walking around in the firestorm.

The Meat Sticks. Photo by Terry Allen.
The Meat Sticks
Book title: How to Survive 21 Days in the Woods with Meat Sticks.

Ground Level Remote. Photo by Terry Allen.
Ground Level Remote

Ground Level Remote. Photo by Terry Allen.
Ground Level Remote

Ground Level Remote. Photo by Terry Allen.
Ground Level Remote
Pinedale Online > News > July 2018 > 4th of July in Pinedale, Wyoming 2018

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