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Pinedale Online > News > June 2018 > Wolf News Roundup 6/12/2018
Wolf News Roundup 6/12/2018
by Cat Urbigkit, Pinedale Online!
June 11, 2018

Reintroducing Wolves
The National Park Service has issued a decision to reintroduce wolves to Isle Royale. Over a three to five year period, the NPS will introduce between 20-30 wolves on the island.

Swedish Hunt Halted
Hunters in Sweden will not be able to hunt wolves this year, since the wolf population has fallen to just over 300 animals. A Swedish court ruling requires that the country maintain a population of at least 300 wolves before wolf hunting can be authorized.

Wisconsin: 238 wolf packs
Wisconsinís wolf population has decreased slightly, but still has at least 238 wolf packs, with a minimum population of more than 900 animals, according to state wildlife officials. The 2017-18 overwinter minimum wolf count is 905-944, a 2.2% decrease from the 2016-17 minimum count of 925-956. The most recent count represents a modest decline in the population following three years of population growth, including a 6.8% increase last year. This leveling off has been anticipated and may suggest that wolves are beginning to occupy less-suitable habitat as their range has expanded in the state.

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  • Pinedale Online > News > June 2018 > Wolf News Roundup 6/12/2018

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