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The Faler's Fish Stays. Photo by Terry Allen.
The Faler's Fish Stays
I bet few of you have ever seen the backside of the old Rainbow Trout...which was made by our own Kautza family.

No Walls in Floral & Apparel. Photo by Terry Allen.
No Walls in Floral & Apparel

Paul the Produce Man. Photo by Terry Allen.
Paul the Produce Man
Happy with the new presentation.

Josh Welcomes the New Look. Photo by Terry Allen.
Josh Welcomes the New Look
I asked him to show me his Vanna White and he knew what I meant.
The Fish Stays!
Ridley's Market Gets a Makeover
by Terry Allen
June 5, 2018

Everyone has been wondering what the Ridley's plan is and how long will it take to complete.

David, the Grocery Manager, told me the polished concrete floor will be the finished surface; and the entire store project is scheduled for completion on June 12.

Tommy of CnC Construction says they do all the Smith's Grocery store remodels, which might explain why things are looking a little like the Smith's in the store a spacious and wide open look.

A bunch of Pinedale high school kids (or recent graduates) were busy re-stocking new shelving. Teagan Elliot was happy to have the work and was happy with the pay.

Patti the Deli Manager said they will be getting new product cases installed right away.

Steven in the meat department said they are getting new a/c units at some point. I asked him what the noteworthy item was over Memorial Day weekend and he said they sold out of Rib-eye. They had 30 boxes and each box weighs 60 pounds.

Nellie in Floral and Apparel likes the new open floor plan in her department, and says the little bit of dust doesn't bother her. "A little bit of dust never hurt nothin'," she said.

Thank you Dawn Ballou at Pinedale Online for sponsoring this story.

Terry Allen:

Floor Grinding & Polishing Equipment. Photo by Terry Allen.
Floor Grinding & Polishing Equipment
It happens at night.

The New Air Conditioning Equipment. Photo by Terry Allen.
The New Air Conditioning Equipment
I ain't tellin' how I got this picture.

High Schoolers Have Work. Photo by Terry Allen.
High Schoolers Have Work
Re-stocking new shelving.

Cameron the Store Manager. Photo by Terry Allen.
Cameron the Store Manager
Cameron does it all...but says that's not a Rendezvous Beard on his face.

The Original Faler's. Photo by Terry Allen.
The Original Faler's
The original Pinedale Roundup and the original Faler's shared this building on Pine Street.

Hillary and Ellie. Photo by Terry Allen.
Hillary and Ellie
Ellie's favorite aisles are where the candy and the toys are.
Pinedale Online > News > June 2018 > The Fish Stays!

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