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Pinedale Online > News > June 2018 > Pinedale Town Officer Swearing In

Pam Murdock. Photo by Terry Allen.
Pam Murdock
Mother of new mayor Matt Murdock let me take a hamburger photo.

Matt in his Business Office. Photo by Terry Allen.
Matt in his Business Office

John Parvacini at Play. Photo by Terry Allen.
John Parvacini at Play
His sailboat behind him, new town councilman takes on the disk golf course at Fremont Lake.

Jim Brost and Family at Home. Photo by Terry Allen.
Jim Brost and Family at Home

Tyler Swafford. Photo by Terry Allen.
Tyler Swafford
Poses with damaged car. Might have hit a Farson Black Cheetah.

The Dean Loftus Family. Photo by Terry Allen.
The Dean Loftus Family
Son is graduating H.S. at the Wrangler gym Friday night.

Matt Gets Sworn In. Photo by Terry Allen.
Matt Gets Sworn In

Matt and The Book. Photo by Terry Allen.
Matt and The Book
"The Spyglass" by Richard Paul Evans.

A Swearing In BBQ. Photo by Terry Allen.
A Swearing In BBQ
Josh Wilson came up with the idea.
Pinedale Town Officer Swearing In Ceremony
Americana Style
by Terry Allen
June 1, 2018

Friday morning at 11:00 am, a new mayor and two new council members were sworn in at the town hall.

It started to rain, so everything was moved indoors from the parking lot, to the shop bays.

Bob Jones the outgoing mayor said a few words about a "difficult four years due to bickering", etc., but felt he was "passing the streets, water and sewer systems on to the new administration in good shape."

Town Clerk Maureen Rudnick then administered the oath of office and swearing in to new Mayor Matt Murdock, new Town Councilman John Paravicini and new Town Council member Dean Loftus.

Matt then addressed the gathering and agreed there had "been a lot of conflict in the town, but" that "Bob had been good at helping him understand the workings of the town systems."

Mayor Matt then held up a book titled "The Spyglass" by Richard Paul Evans and said it had a lot of good advice in it that could help guide the council thru a challenging next four years. He left it on a table for folks to look at.

Town Councilman John Paravicini next addressed the gathering and spoke of looking forward to the "fun transition, and moving in the right direction." He expressed some satisfaction in the budget; but also said there would be "a lot of political entities in play." He also looked forward to working with Dean Loftus who had been his assistant coach in high school.

Town Councilman Dean Loftus addressed the gathering and said he'd given "The Book" to Matt and said it was a story of "what could be if people work together." He said he looks "forward to working as a town to accomplish goals; and getting everyone excited."

I decided ahead of the swearing in, to run around and catch our Mayor and Town Council members in their native habitat which is why you see some non-traditional photos in the story. Since the animal shelter is part of the building, the kids in attendance spent some fun time in there, so I included that.

I hope you like the change of pace.

Thank you Dawn Ballou for sponsoring this story.

Terry Allen:

John Gets Sworn In. Photo by Terry Allen.
John Gets Sworn In

Dean Gets Sworn In. Photo by Terry Allen.
Dean Gets Sworn In

Outgoing Mayor Jones Addresses Gathering. Photo by Terry Allen.
Outgoing Mayor Jones Addresses Gathering

Declan Lobbies for a Kitten. Photo by Terry Allen.
Declan Lobbies for a Kitten

Miss Scanlon is Impressed by Cats Tail. Photo by Terry Allen.
Miss Scanlon is Impressed by Cats Tail

Sarah Murdock and her Brownies. Photo by Terry Allen.
Sarah Murdock and her Brownies
Riding to ceremony where her husband is to be sworn in as new mayor.
Pinedale Online > News > June 2018 > Pinedale Town Officer Swearing In

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