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Bunny and Friends. Photo by Terry Allen.
Bunny and Friends

Matthew the Egg Hunter. Photo by Terry Allen.
Matthew the Egg Hunter

Garrett, Makayla, Ciera, Lillian. Photo by Terry Allen.
Garrett, Makayla, Ciera, Lillian
Hey kids, wanna help make a cool photo? Yeeeaaahhh!

Macie Has an Egg in her Sights. Photo by Terry Allen.
Macie Has an Egg in her Sights

Khloe in the Yellow Submarine. Photo by Klief Guenther.
Khloe in the Yellow Submarine

Scout in her Dorothy Shoes. Photo by Terry Allen.
Scout in her Dorothy Shoes

Water Safety Team. Photo by Terry Allen.
Water Safety Team
Easter Underwater at the PAC 2018
Fun at The Pinedale Aquatic Center
by Terry Allen
March 23, 2018

The 8th Annual Underwater Easter Egg Hunt at the PAC (Pinedale Aquatic Center) was held Thursday, March 22nd this year due to a lot of other competition on the Sublette County activities schedule. Kirby, the Aquatic Manager, said they usually have around 500 people including parents. I didnít get an official count this year, but including eggs, it must have been about 1000.

Kirby told me Frank and Karla Bird sponsored the event again this year. They had planned to make it an alligator egg hunt, but it looked like they were going to hatch a week early so decided they better not throw a bunch of biters into the pool.

Matthew and I talked about eggs and he said his teacher had a bunch of dinosaur eggs that were really cool. I told him the egg hunt this year featured two types of eggs. Bunny eggs that floated on the top of the water and Dinosaur eggs sank to the bottom. He decided to dive for all his eggs.

Jackson and I talked about the best eggs to go with bacon and he decided to go with Easter eggs rather than dinosaur eggs.

I found a giggling little quartet of kids at the far end of the pool and asked if theyíd like to help make a cool photo. You can find the photo with them laying (egg type spelling) on their backs surrounded by eggs. Thank you to the Grandpa who dumped the bucket of eggs on them.

I met Khloe for the first time and she said sheíd take a slide down the Yellow Submarine so her Dad could get a picture with my camera. "I really like it because itís a lot of fun," she said.

I saw a pair of Red Dorothy shoes attached to Scoutís feet and learned she planned to grow up to be a good witch. Thanks for the outrageous pose, Scout!

I met a guy named Bentley and he had really yellow hair. He corrected me. "Itís green," he said. That surprised me so I asked if he would sit down with me for an interview. "Iím going to talk a little bit about myself," he said. "I like the color blue. I donít like fish and turkeyÖand every other seafood pretty much. I like swimming. My best friendís name is Ryker. I donít like black chocolateÖand thatís pretty much all about me."

I went over and talked to the Easter Bunny and asked what he liked best about the event. "That so many little kids come up and give me hugs," he said. Just about then a lifeguard named Brooke came over and sat in Easter Bunnies lap, so I took their photo. I got the impression they have been friends for a while.

I think I met the girl who has everything. Her name is Molly Jean Walker. I took a picture of her with her penguin, swim goggles, water-wings, an arm full of Easter eggs and a Yellow Submarine. As I was writing this story I thought about the things that made me happy when I was about her age, when I lived in Montana. I collected pop bottles and when I got enough, I turned them in and bought a pocket knife and a hatchet. I figured with them I could get me a coonskin capÖhome-made of course. I went off early one morning looking for coons and found a pheasant nest instead. I brought home a dozen or so of the little tiny pheasant eggs (I didnít take them all) and Mom promptly cooked them up and added them to the pancakes and bacon she already had working.

Thank you all for helping me make some fun photos and tell some tall tales. I sure do appreciate it.
Iíve got to thank Dawn Ballou, Pinedale Online, for sponsoring this storyÖand for some amount of courage, because sheís never quite sure what Iím going to do.
If you have an event or story idea you'd like to sponsor, let me know.

You are all welcome to share these low-rez photos among yourselves for personal purposes. I do sell hi-rez photos to family members only, if anyone wants some.
Terry Allen:

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  • Molly Jean and her Fam. Photo by Terry Allen.
    Molly Jean and her Fam
    The girl who has everything.

    Hemingway Needs More Eggs. Photo by Terry Allen.
    Hemingway Needs More Eggs

    The Angeliah. Photo by Terry Allen.
    The Angeliah
    "May I have photo approval, please?" Yes, you may.

    Jacques Cousteau Jr?. Photo by Terry Allen.
    Jacques Cousteau Jr?
    Name this swimmer and win a dinosaur egg story.

    Alex the Egg Gentleman. Photo by Terry Allen.
    Alex the Egg Gentleman
    Presents egg to baby Shaylee

    Bunny Eye View. Photo by Terry Allen.
    Bunny Eye View

    The Beautiful Egg. Photo by Terry Allen.
    The Beautiful Egg

    Khloe and Her Egg. Photo by Terry Allen.
    Khloe and Her Egg
    Brooke the Lifeguard said: Oh, she's so cute.

    A Courageous Step. Photo by Terry Allen.
    A Courageous Step
    Little Miss Guenther

    Brooke and Her Bunny. Photo by Terry Allen.
    Brooke and Her Bunny

    The Jump Line. Photo by Terry Allen.
    The Jump Line

    The Bentley Story. Photo by Terry Allen.
    The Bentley Story

    A Cool Monster. Photo by Terry Allen.
    A Cool Monster
    Who is this?

    The PAC. Photo by PAC Photo.
    The PAC

    Your Photographer:  Terry Allen. Photo by Mike McMonagal.
    Your Photographer: Terry Allen
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