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The Grinch. Photo by Terry Allen.
The Grinch

The Start. Photo by Terry Allen.
The Start

Jerky Hound. Photo by Terry Allen.
Jerky Hound

Rhian and Chris. Photo by Terry Allen.
Rhian and Chris

Levi LaBeau. Photo by Terry Allen.
Levi LaBeau
I like your truck!

Abby. Photo by Terry Allen.

Down Lake Street. Photo by Terry Allen.
Down Lake Street

Moose Crossing. Photo by Terry Allen.
Moose Crossing

David Rule. Photo by Terry Allen.
David Rule

Amber and Kids. Photo by Terry Allen.
Amber and Kids
Frosty Run and Plunge
by Terry Allen
December 24, 2017

It was a cold and snowy Saturday morning on the 23rd of December, when the Pinedale Aquatic Center invited everyone to run, walk, carry, push or pull thru the streets and country lanes of Pinedale for fun and prizes. Afterwards everyone was invited to take a plunge in the pool or a warm up in the hot tub. It was a cookie, cocoa and costume thing, too.

James and Emma DeWitt got me into a snowball fight as we waited for the runners to gather. Bailey the dog came over and gave me a friendly but inquisitive sniff so I fished around and came out with a year old piece of jerky for him. Yeah, I only wear the big yellow coat in winter.

Someone said "Go!" and about 50 people, kids and dogs took off at a run at 10am, headed north on Tyler, took a right toward the Discovery Center, then kicked thru the snow on the trail in the woods on the hill up to the clinic and by the cemetery. A herd of startled deer cut across in front of Moms pushing baby jogging strollers, and Dads pulling sleds and a larcenous big green Grinch. They turned left downhill on Lake Street. From there they zigzagged thru town, down Pine and then back up Tyler to the PAC.

Amber Andersen always impresses me when I see her pushing her kids around town. The deep snowfall made her fitness and determination even more impressive.

David Rule who just turned age 21 was the first man to cross the finish and Judy Vitolo was the first woman.
The Grinch, played by Collin Edwards won the prize for best costume. Call Joe at The PAC, Collin and get your prize!

Chris had pulled Rhian in a sled the whole way and did a whip at the finish line so Rhian got an extra thrill. Rhian was happy to do a post-race interview. "My favorite part was the moose we saw."

Beautiful young Abby really tugged at my heart strings when I asked to snap a photo of her and her Dad Martin. At just the perfect moment she laid her cheek on his shoulder. Take a look and see if you don't agree. Martin was running with a bad wing due to surgery.

Joe Steege, the race organizer said, "We finally got Frosty at the perfect time, and one of the finishers said it felt just like Christmas."

I talked to young Levi LaBeau. "I was getting tired and so when I saw the Moose I told him he looked like a good ride...and he said, "Thank you," and just kept on going, but I really like your truck, too." Levi had seen me park my truck along the course for the photo of him and had yelled out that he liked my little truck. I like it too, and even more since I put four news shoes on it."

Back inside the PAC the Grinch (played by Collin Edwards) was eyeing the hot cocoa that Becky was pouring into a cup. I guess she looked like an easy mark with her broken fingers all bandaged up, the result of a snowmobile wreck just two days before.

I got a couple foggy shots of folks warming up and having a nice time in the pool. Then I saw a girl with Big Hair and I asked Lily if I could take a photo, but she straightened me out on what it was. "It's called a messy bun," she said. "I just woke up and piled it on top of my head and came right here." She said Cork Kelly was her Grandpa, so he got in the shot, too.

I was talking with Abby and her Dad Martin at the finish and noticed snow falling on her eye lashes. I asked and she said I could try to get that shot. While I tried for a nice photo, I asked what her favorite part of the race was. "Being with my Dad," she said. Let me know what you think of the "eye" photo we made.

Thanks to everyone for helping me get nice comments and take nice photos.

Thank you to Dawn Ballou at Pinedale Online for sponsoring this community story.

You are all welcome to share these photos among yourselves. I do sell high rez images for $35.
Terry Allen:

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  • David and his Dog. Photo by Terry Allen.
    David and his Dog

    James and Emma. Photo by Terry Allen.
    James and Emma
    Snowball fight.

    Judy Vitolo. Photo by Terry Allen.
    Judy Vitolo

    Deer on the Course. Photo by Terry Allen.
    Deer on the Course

    Down Lake Street. Photo by Terry Allen.
    Down Lake Street

    Amber Pushing Snow. Photo by Terry Allen.
    Amber Pushing Snow

    Lady Long-Legs. Photo by Terry Allen.
    Lady Long-Legs

    Terry Hill's Guitar Player and Runners. Photo by Terry Allen.
    Terry Hill's Guitar Player and Runners

    The Grinch and Becky. Photo by Terry Allen.
    The Grinch and Becky

    Judy and the Girls. Photo by Terry Allen.
    Judy and the Girls

    Beth Edwards, Mom of the Grinch. Photo by Terry Allen.
    Beth Edwards, Mom of the Grinch

    I'm Not Lost, I'm Ahead. Photo by Terry Allen.
    I'm Not Lost, I'm Ahead

    PiggyBack. Photo by Terry Allen.

    Roy. Photo by Terry Allen.

    Pinedale, On the Shores of Fremont Lake. Photo by Terry Allen.
    Pinedale, On the Shores of Fremont Lake

    Abby. Photo by Terry Allen.

    Big Hair Lily and Cork. Photo by Terry Allen.
    Big Hair Lily and Cork

    Martin and Abby. Photo by Terry Allen.
    Martin and Abby
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