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Pinedale Online > News > September 2017 > WANTED: Your opinion
WANTED: Your opinion
by Sublette BOCES
September 11, 2017

Sublette BOCES director, John Anderson, and his staff want to know what the community thinks about their course offerings. In August and September, BOCES mailed out questionnaires to a sample of residents asking them what they thought and so far a small portion have responded.

Responses received so far have offered interesting and unique ideas for BOCES. For instance, some have suggested BOCES do more to enrich citizenship education. A rather large number have also suggested providing more industrial arts classes (such as welding, woodworking and more).

Most of the people who responded to the questionnaire were long-time residents of the community and seemed to know a lot about the work BOCES does. The information they shared will be very valuable to planning for the next five years of work, and it is greatly appreciated.

The problem for Anderson is that BOCES hasnít heard from very many people who were new to the community, or didnít know much about their work. "The fact is that responding when you donít know much about our services is just as important as responding when you do know," Anderson said. "We need and value responses from the full spectrum of people we polled. Our goal is to provide more classes to a greater variety of people in the community."

If you have a questionnaire on your table, it isnít too late to return it because BOCES will accept them at any time.

Pinedale Online > News > September 2017 > WANTED: Your opinion

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