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Pinedale Online > News > June 2017 > Fishing update: June 26, 2017

Nice fish. Photo by Two Rivers Emporium.
Nice fish
Photo courtesy Two Rivers Emporium

Happy fishing. Photo by Two Rivers Emporium.
Happy fishing
Photo courtesy Two Rivers Emporium

Two Rivers Emporium. Photo by Two Rivers Emporium.
Two Rivers Emporium
Fishing update: June 26, 2017
by Eric Oram, Two Rivers Emporium
June 26, 2017

Happy Casting,
Monday, June 26, 2017: Our current water conditions are improving and we are seeing the rivers slowly come back into the banks. The Green River is flowing at 3100 cfs this morning and should break into the mid 2000 in a few days. Once the flows are back into the mid to low 2000's the river starts to fish good. Look for dry fly season to soon follow. We are seeing a lot of buggy afternoons and evenings and the fish will key in on them soon. Streamer fishing and nymph'n is your best bet if you hit the rivers later this week.

The New Fork is fishing good and the clarity is better than the Green. We have been having a few great days on the water so stop by the shop and let us take you down a stretch with a private boat ramp!

Stillwater action is good to great! Sun up and sun down are the best times. We are still getting some good action at Soda Lake with leeches, scuds, and emergers. When the fish start to hit the surface look to throw an adams or midge pattern out there. Fish are cruising the shallows so be stealthy when approaching the water.

We are soon approaching the best fishing of the year here in Pinedale Country. Stop by and pick up some flies or book a trip with us and get outdoors!! We love floating down our rivers and putting you on fish! The weather is looking great for the next week so lets GO!

Guide Tips of the Week:
Dry Fly of the Week: Adams
Streamer of the Week: Bighorn Special
Nymph of the Week: Stonefly Pattern - Better if beaded
Best Grub: Don't miss $8 burgers on Tuesday at Los Cabos
Next Best Shinny Thing: Mini Galloup Dungeons- pretty cool if you can find them

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