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Pinedale Online > News > December 2016 > Wolf News Roundup
Wolf News Roundup
by Cat Urbigkit, Pinedale Online!
December 11, 2016

Dead Druid
The Jackson Hole News & Guide reports on the death of a wolf from Yellowstone National Park's northern range. The nearly 10-year-old male from the Druid Peak Pack was killed by a hunter in Montana during that state's fall wolf hunting season. For the history of this wolf, and the wolf pack that grew to 37 animals, check out the link below.

Paris Wolves
Wolves have been spotted near Paris for the first time in more than 100 years. Wolves moved into the French Alps from Switzerland within the last 15 years, with about 300 of the animals now inhabiting the country, according to media reports.

California's Wolf Plan
The California Department of Fish and Wildlife has released its Conservation Plan for Gray Wolves in California. The plan identified four key issues that are considered most significant for the future of wolf conservation: 1) wolf-livestock interactions; 2) wolf-ungulate interactions; 3) wolf interactions with other wildlife; and, 4) wolves and human safety concerns. For all the details, check out the links below.

Colorado Wolf Reintroduction
A spokesman for the Turner Endangered Species Fund is advocating that gray wolves be reintroduced to western Colorado. But for that state's environment to receive ecological benefits, there would have to be enough wolves enough that wolves were "common." According to the spokesman, "There's no profound downside and there's a real, big upside."

Bold Banff Wolves
Banff National Park's Bow Valley wolf pack is at it again, prompting Parks Canada officials to issue a warning for recreational users of the area to carry bear spray in case they encounter wolves. Three members of the wolf pack chased a ski hill worker on a snowmobile earlier in the week. Several wolves from this pack have been killed by wildlife officials after showing increased aggression towards humans.

Anchorage's White Wolf
News that a female wolf that is more than a decade old has taken up residence in Alaska's largest city has drawn the attention of writer Craig Medred, who provides the back story of the wolf on his blog. And an interesting back story it is, as the wolf was the lone survivor of a wolf pack that had become aggressive to humans and was targeted for extermination five years ago. Read Medred's account in the links below.

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