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Pinedale Online > News > September 2016 > Prevention Organization gets breathalyzers for SCSO
Prevention Organization gets breathalyzers for SCSO
by Prevention Management Organization of Wyoming
September 12, 2016

Sublette County Sheriff KC Lehr said that the efforts of law enforcement to prevent underage drinking recently have become much more effective thanks to a partnership with the Prevention Management Organization of Wyoming (PMO). Lehr said that the PMO has helped supply the sheriff's office with new breathalyzers and ID scanners.

"ID scanners are key to helping us insure that our community events in Sublette County are safe from youth getting access to alcohol. We want to keep events as safe as possible from underage drinking," Sheriff Lehr said. The Sheriff also said his office was extremely grateful to the PMO for also assisting in getting new breathalyzers. He said new breathalyzers are critical to his office in improving the effectiveness of their roadside impaired driving efforts.

Local Community Prevention Management Specialist Ranae Pape said that the partnership between the PMO and local law enforcement is one the most important partnerships in the state and in local communities at preventing underage drinking and drinking and driving. "Research and data on effective prevention efforts has shown over the years that the combination of effective law enforcement and the PMO work of advancing evidenced based strategies is this best comprehensive prevention approach there is," Pape said.

Pape said that the PMO works on prevention in many areas including tobacco, alcohol, prescription drugs, and suicide. Anyone interested in being a part of helping with prevention efforts in Sublette County should call her office, 307-360-6282 or email at to find get more information and find out how to help.

Pinedale Online > News > September 2016 > Prevention Organization gets breathalyzers for SCSO

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