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A Princess Gets a Crown. Photo by Terry Allen.
A Princess Gets a Crown

The Knight and the Squire. Photo by Terry Allen.
The Knight and the Squire

Royal Ladies. Photo by Terry Allen.
Royal Ladies

Iron Guard. Photo by Terry Allen.
Iron Guard

Tug O' War. Photo by Terry Allen.
Tug O' War

Madeleine Murdock. Photo by Terry Allen.
Madeleine Murdock
Making the set for the Faire.
Pinedale Renaissance Faire
by Terry Allen
September 12, 2016

Residents and visitors to Pinedale enjoyed the 1st Annual Renaissance Faire on the Pinedale Library grounds on Saturday, Sept. 10. Local musicians strolled the grounds with guitar, mandolin, violin and drums; as visitors partook of games, crafts, food and drink, sword fighting, tug of war, fortune telling, belly dancing, falconry, stick horses, Nerf archery, face painting, portrait photography, artisans, Knights, Princesses, fairies, Vikings, wenches, monks, pirates and dragons.

Falconry is the ancient art of hunting with a bird of prey. Kalen Pearson who has been a Falconer for six years, brought close to a dozen different varieties of Falcon to exhibit. "We use these Falcons as a form of bird abatement," she said. "Wild bird flocks can sweep in and decimate a fruit orchard very quickly, so we bring in our Falcons to drive them off." In case you are wondering, a Falcon can live up to 35 years.

Ken Marincic showed up wearing chain mail armour made of beer pull tabs. "Jason and his college friends bought the beer," he said.

Steve Kipp showed up dressed in heavy leather and steel, representing the Society of Creative Anachronisms. "We are into heavy combat with swords, shield, spear and axe," he said. "I got involved in this 15 years ago in college."

Dave Hohl had Molly on a leash and was trying to make ten cents off everyone who pet her. He didn't have any takers, so he said he was going to change his sign to "Pet Dave, Ten Cents" and see if that worked better.

There was a cat walk runway for all who came in costume; and they were judged. A Queen and her Royal Cat were in total character...and I apologize for not getting your names, girls. You really nailed it!

There was plenty to eat and drink. Beer, mead, sodas, water, b-b-q, cookies and huge turkey legs.

Maike Tan made flower garlands and with about an hour left, they had all been sold.

Local Gladiators John and Jacob Hegardt battled back and forth on their combat stage until the sweat poured off them and their knuckles very covered with bumps, blisters and blood. "We don't do much choreography," said John. "We don't have a particular style, but we use some Iron Guard, Guard of the Hawk; and we do tons of research."

Young Margaret Rife wore the traditional Norwegian costume her Mother wore as a girl, which had also been worn by her Mother, Margaret's Grandmother.

Joni Mack looked particularly authentic in her costume as "A Woman of Nobility," she said. "This little thing that wraps around under my chin is called a Wimple. It is worn by married women as a modesty accessory."

Thanks to Beth Edwards for helping me with a costume so I could go undercover at this event. Thank you to Dawn Ballou at Pinedale Online for sponsoring this photo-story. If you would like to sponsor me to cover your event, I promise you I'll turn out photos every bit as nice as these!

The photos on this story are low resolution and you are welcome to share them among yourselves. I do sell full resolution prints for a reasonable price.
Text me: 307-231-65355 or email:

Margaret and Sonja. Photo by Terry Allen.
Margaret and Sonja

Maike and Margaret. Photo by Terry Allen.
Maike and Margaret

Jenna and Sam. Photo by Terry Allen.
Jenna and Sam

Sword Play. Photo by Terry Allen.
Sword Play

Taron Koch Fits an Arrowhead. Photo by Terry Allen.
Taron Koch Fits an Arrowhead

Chess Masters. Photo by Terry Allen.
Chess Masters

Hunting Falcon. Photo by Terry Allen.
Hunting Falcon

Ready for Battle. Photo by Terry Allen.
Ready for Battle

Fortune Teller. Photo by Terry Allen.
Fortune Teller

Stoney. Photo by Terry Allen.

Princess Ella. Photo by Terry Allen.
Princess Ella

Beer Tab Chain Mail. Photo by Terry Allen.
Beer Tab Chain Mail

The Edwards Family. Photo by Terry Allen.
The Edwards Family

Figuring Out Fashion. Photo by Terry Allen.
Figuring Out Fashion

Strolling Minstrel. Photo by Terry Allen.
Strolling Minstrel

Larry, Mack and Hannah. Photo by Terry Allen.
Larry, Mack and Hannah

Face Painting by Mae. Photo by Terry Allen.
Face Painting by Mae

Serious Shay. Photo by Terry Allen.
Serious Shay

Tough Hands. Photo by Terry Allen.
Tough Hands

Jason Teaches a Student Knight. Photo by Terry Allen.
Jason Teaches a Student Knight

Royal and Her Cat. Photo by Terry Allen.
Royal and Her Cat

Renaissance Jazz Master. Photo by Terry Allen.
Renaissance Jazz Master
Larry Phillips

Bob Serenade's Evelyn. Photo by Terry Allen.
Bob Serenade's Evelyn

Kay and her Cart. Photo by Terry Allen.
Kay and her Cart

Young Gladiator. Photo by Terry Allen.
Young Gladiator

Contestants. Photo by Terry Allen.

Young Knights. Photo by Terry Allen.
Young Knights

The Royal Cat Gang. Photo by Terry Allen.
The Royal Cat Gang

Shay Dances. Photo by Terry Allen.
Shay Dances

Madeleine Murdock. Photo by Terry Allen.
Madeleine Murdock

Talli and Maike. Photo by Terry Allen.
Talli and Maike

Big Piney Librarian. Photo by Terry Allen.
Big Piney Librarian

Looks Like Trouble. Photo by Terry Allen.
Looks Like Trouble

Sword Play. Photo by Terry Allen.
Sword Play

The Walk. Photo by Terry Allen.
The Walk

Joni and Jo. Photo by Terry Allen.
Joni and Jo

Musketeer. Photo by Terry Allen.

Maike. Photo by Terry Allen.

The Falconer. Photo by Terry Allen.
The Falconer
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