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Pinedale Online > News > August 2016 > Cliff Creek Fire Emergency Area Closure Modified
Cliff Creek Fire Emergency Area Closure Modified
by Cliff Creek Fire Information
August 6, 2016

BONDURANT, WYOMING – A Forest Service Area Closure for Granite Creek Road was modified today (Friday, August 5, 2016) after Teton County Board of County Commissioners lifted the evacuation order for Granite Creek Homeowners. The revised area closure allows the public access to areas WEST of Granite Creek. Burned areas, Granite Creek Campgrounds, Granite Hot Springs and numerous forest trails remain closed. This closure will be evaluated on a weekly basis to open Granite Hot Springs and other public use areas as soon as safely possible.

While the Granite Road is open to the public for day use only, it is not recommended the public spend time in Granite Creek yet due to numerous post-fire hazards and fire traffic using the road. It is very important to stay away from blackened areas and burned trees as this area, and especially hazardous trees.

Fire weakened trees called snags are extremely dangerous to be around. Wildfires weaken the soils’ ability to stabilize roots and hold trees upright. Without this support, it is much easier for trees to fall. It is common for snags to fall without warning. Further, if winds are present or expected to accompany storms, there will be a high likelihood trees will begin to fall. Due to these hazards, residents returning to their properties should be extremely cautious when near snags and work to avoid them if at all possible.

Heavy inversions are also occurring in the mornings which are not prone to lifting until the late morning to early afternoons. Teton County Public Health recommends people avoid all physical outdoor activity in the Granite Creek Area. Smoke monitors that were positioned throughout the fire area have been removed. A new monitor will be placed in Granite Creek in the near future.

For tips on health matters after a wildfire, including recommendations regarding smoke, visit Teton Country Public Health:

Pinedale Online > News > August 2016 > Cliff Creek Fire Emergency Area Closure Modified

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