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Eric Heads for the Finish. Photo by Terry Allen.
Eric Heads for the Finish
First ever men's barrel racing.

The Look of a Champ. Photo by Terry Allen.
The Look of a Champ
Rooster wins the foot race.

Need a Miracle. Photo by Terry Allen.
Need a Miracle

Rosin up the Rope. Photo by Terry Allen.
Rosin up the Rope
A very serious Bodie Jensen gets his steer riding rig sticky.

Grady Gets a Burger. Photo by Terry Allen.
Grady Gets a Burger
Milt and his Burger Barn crew kept the folks happy.

Wet 'em Down. Photo by Terry Allen.
Wet 'em Down

Spurs. Photo by Terry Allen.

On His Heels. Photo by Terry Allen.
On His Heels

Gage Northrup. Photo by Terry Allen.
Gage Northrup
"Wrestle one," said Phil.

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2nd Annual Ride for Reid Memorial
by Terry Allen
August 15, 2016

Jessie Jensen stood on the corral rail and watched her brother Bodie work rosin into the rope he was going to hold onto when he rode in the steer riding event. I shook the bells at one end of the rope. "They put those cowbells on him and it makes him buck," she said. "I'm not riding this year because I'm four right now," she said. "But I'm just about ready to turn six."

To the booming pulse of an eclectic music mix tape, friends, families and fellow competitors came together to remember and celebrate the life of young Reid Schouboe. The event raises money for a college scholarship fund in Reid's name. Folks compete in various ranching skill tests.

For the second year, the event was held at the Pinedale Rodeo Grounds on Saturday, August 13, 2016. "I love this music," exclaimed Clint Grimes. "It's got everything in it."

The events this day were: #10, Steer Stopping, Cattle Daubing, Steer Riding, Men's Barrel Racing, and Foot Racing. Participants got a chance to win belt buckles and a pair of special spurs.

There were a couple stools set up behind the bucking chutes and under the announcers booth, Kelly Andersen made headway cutting off the Mullet growing out of Coltonís head. "Do you know the story of the Mullet?" she asked. I didn't. "Well, Reid had a Mullet and after he died all the boys made a pact to grow mullets out for a year in his memory. Everyone is getting them cut off today." A little two foot tall cowboy waited for each Mullet head to sit down on the stool and then he did a circle around them and wet 'em down real good.

Todd Stevie auctioned off hog sides as a fundraiser for the Reid Schoubie Memorial Scholarship. He stood up at the top of the announcer booth stairs and you could tell right away he could do it for a living. The hogs went fast and then he started off auctioning cowboys. Carolyn Bing made the high bid for her husband Bob. "I just bought Bob in the Calcutta so if he wins in the Men's Team Barrel Racing event, I get my money back," she said. "But, he'll have to be fearless to win."

Grady stood over at The Burger Barn waiting for his burger. In one hand he held a soda and in the other he clutched a wad of dollar bills. "I can't talk much right now," he said. "I gotta get back over to the bull riding, it's my favorite event."

Wade Tibbits rode by standing up in his saddle so he could see over the heads of the crowd. "Kid huntin'" he said as he rode by. His wife, Kyndall was at a roping event elsewhere, so it was his job to keep an eye on his little blond son.

There were a number of foot races and the last one was for the over 50 gang of athletes. Someone fired a gun and off they herd of the tune of some sort of jungle music. They sort of weaved side to side, stirring up a lot of dust and making scary noises. Brian Beaver went down for no apparent reason and the herd just thundered right on past him. When they broke the finish tape and turned around, there was Brian rolling in the dirt. John Hintz...his good friend, took a look to the sidelines. "His wife doesn't look too worried about it," he said. "All Beaver did was step on his tender bits."

Cora, Ella and Grandpa Phil were pal'ed up and made their way over to the water faucet for a cold drink from the hose. Ella climbed the rails and looked over at the last of the Mullets getting cut off. Little Cora climbed up beside her cousin and Grandpa Phil stood ready to catch her if she went off backward. Cora talked to me in an excited pre-english language, her eyes got big and she threw herself back letting out a whoop. Grandpa let her know he was there in case she lost her grip, and she did an even riskier version. It was obvious she was taking greater and greater risks because she knew he was there to catch her.

This is the spirit of the people who gather together for events like this throughout the year. Looking out for each other, helping each other, offering food and drink to a dusty photographer, and patiently explaining what a dauber is.

An older time version of Happy Trails music came from the speakers as people loaded horses and kids loaded themselves. "I love this music," Clint said. "It's perfect."


Roping 6 & under:

Cort Snidecor and Kodee Wellemeyer

All-around Fast time:
Wes Miller & John Hintz

1st: Wes Miller & John Hintz
2nd: Derrick Peterson & Arye Espenscheid
3rd: Bryan Beaver & Jaden Burnett
4th: Annie Espenscheid & Derrick Peterson
5th: Frank Grimes & Clint Grimes
6th: Gary Gordon & Phil Selby

Steer Stopping:
1st: Colby Bradley
2nd: Buck Schouboe
3rd. Colt Ramsey
4th: Cole Redmond

Cattle Daubing:
1st: Hayes Espenscheid
2nd: Cael Espenscheid
3rd: Emry Selby

Mens Barrel Race:
JJ Butler

Steer Riding:
Buck Schouboe

Team Branding:
Eric Schouboe, Buck Schouboe, Derrick
Petterson, Boone Snidecor

Shoot me a text at 307-231-5355 if you want a hi-rez print or image. I sell them for not much. If I made a name error or a factual error, please let me know and I'll fix it.

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  • Steer Roping. Photo by Terry Allen.
    Steer Roping

    Buddies and the Barber. Photo by Terry Allen.
    Buddies and the Barber

    Daredevil Cora. Photo by Terry Allen.
    Daredevil Cora
    Grandpa and Cousin Ella act as the safety team as Cora leans waaay back.

    Busting Out of the Chute. Photo by Terry Allen.
    Busting Out of the Chute

    A Moment of Silence. Photo by Terry Allen.
    A Moment of Silence
    and The Star Spangled Banner.

    Running One Down. Photo by Terry Allen.
    Running One Down

    A Man and his Steer. Photo by Terry Allen.
    A Man and his Steer
    Phil said, "Wrestle him."

    Ciara, Comfortable in the Saddle. Photo by Terry Allen.
    Ciara, Comfortable in the Saddle

    Lilly Price with Cracker. Photo by Terry Allen.
    Lilly Price with Cracker

    Kodee. Photo by Terry Allen.

    Red Plaid. Photo by Terry Allen.
    Red Plaid
    Gabe Clark

    Bob Riding in Style. Photo by Terry Allen.
    Bob Riding in Style

    Head and Heel. Photo by Terry Allen.
    Head and Heel

    Over 50 Foot Race. Photo by Terry Allen.
    Over 50 Foot Race

    I Want Up. Photo by Terry Allen.
    I Want Up

    Clint. Photo by Terry Allen.

    Cora Leads MCall and Scooter. Photo by Terry Allen.
    Cora Leads MCall and Scooter

    Got Him. Photo by Terry Allen.
    Got Him

    Buck with Spur Prize. Photo by Terry Allen.
    Buck with Spur Prize

    Medal Winners. Photo by Terry Allen.
    Medal Winners

    Steer Riding. Photo by Terry Allen.
    Steer Riding

    Roped and Tied. Photo by Terry Allen.
    Roped and Tied

    Todd. Photo by Terry Allen.

    Working the Rope. Photo by Terry Allen.
    Working the Rope

    TJ Checking In with the Booth. Photo by Terry Allen.
    TJ Checking In with the Booth

    Medal Winners. Photo by Terry Allen.
    Medal Winners

    Steer Rider. Photo by Terry Allen.
    Steer Rider

    Rodeo Crowd. Photo by Terry Allen.
    Rodeo Crowd

    Steer Riders. Photo by Terry Allen.
    Steer Riders

    Last of the Mullet. Photo by Terry Allen.
    Last of the Mullet
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