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Pinedale Online > News > June 2016 > Pinedale Boat Club Kid's Fishing Derby 2016

Kid's Fishing Pond. Photo by Terry Allen.
Kid's Fishing Pond
At Boyd Skinner Kid's Fishing Pond

Gannett Fisk. Photo by Terry Allen.
Gannett Fisk

Fabian Vega. Photo by Terry Allen.
Fabian Vega
Fabian on left.
Pinedale Boat Club Kid's Fishing Derby 2016
by Terry Allen
June 21, 2016

The Pinedale Boat Club held their annual Kid's Fishing Derby on Saturday, June 18 at the Kids Fishing Pond in Boyd Skinner Park in Pinedale. There were $750 in marked fish, gifts, door prizes, hot dogs & drinks. This event was for kids under 14 years of age.

Gannett Fisk posed with his nice trout. "I think it's about 23 inches and about 6 pounds," he said. "But I'm not a weight calculator." I asked him to pose with his fish but Gannett didn't want to get all sticky again so I asked him to just lay down with his fish for the photo. Seems to have worked pretty good.

Fabian Vega caught a nice trout about the same size as Gannett's. "I saw it and wanted to catch it so I catched it," he said. "I told him: I want you to come over and I'll catch you, and it worked!"

Little Aleynah had a pretty good cast going but wasn't getting any bites, so we took a look at the worm to make sure he looked appetizing. Yep. "Thrown him back in and try again."

Wendy Rohrer, the Fish Derby secretary said they had over 40 kids entered in the derby. Rich Rohrer said Game and Fish stocked the pond with 152 fish from 6 inches to 6 pounds. "We really need to thank Matt and Joe at the Boulder Hatchery for netting all those fish and then doing the clipping I.D. for the event," he said.

Cody and Wyatt's Stringer. Photo by Terry Allen.
Cody and Wyatt's Stringer

Aleynah McGinnis. Photo by Terry Allen.
Aleynah McGinnis
Pinedale Online > News > June 2016 > Pinedale Boat Club Kid's Fishing Derby 2016

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