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Pinedale Online > News > June 2016 > A Ranch Rodeo Father's Day

Doc and Evelyn. Photo by Terry Allen.
Doc and Evelyn

Phil and Cora. Photo by Terry Allen.
Phil and Cora

Slade and Tilly. Photo by Terry Allen.
Slade and Tilly

Eric, Buck and Moody. Photo by Terry Allen.
Eric, Buck and Moody

Cole and McCall. Photo by Terry Allen.
Cole and McCall

Parker and Pearl. Photo by Terry Allen.
Parker and Pearl
A Ranch Rodeo Father's Day
by Terry Allen
June 21, 2016

The chute was banging under the hooves of the agitated bronc as Buck Schouboe climbed over the rail and got astride the restless bronc. Even though the bronc handers had a hold of both ends, he didnít settle down much. Buck tried to get himself set as good as he could, but realized things werenít going to get settled.

"Letír out, Boys! Letís go! He yelled. The gate man jerked open the gate and the bronc and Buck busted out. Hopping, twisting, jumping and shaking, the bronc tried everything it could to knock Buck loose but it was like someone had super-glued the saddle. "Beeeep" the announcer yelled into his microphone at the 8 second mark (because someone forgot to bring the buzzer) and the pick-up crew rode up alongside buck and the bronc and Buck jumped off.

Clint Grimes brought back the Hi-Country Ranch Rodeo again this year and judging from the folks filling the bleachers, I think there were almost three times the numbers of 2015.

Last year I posted a lot of action photos, which meant we couldnít get a good look at the athleteís faces. I decided to do some portrait style shots this year so you might be able to see in their faces some of the hard work and dedication that goes into being a Ranch Rodeo competitor. Please forgive me for neglecting to include a lot of the female athleteís faces. It was Fatherís Day and I guess I focused on that.

The events this year were:
National Anthem, Grand Entry by the rodeo queen carrying the flag on horseback, Bronc Riding, Team Roping, Mini Broncs, Doctoring Teams, Trailer Loading, Team Tying, Womenís Steer Stopping, Saddle Cow Riding, Team Roping, Chute Roping and Branding.

Casey Riggs of R and R Rodeo supplied the mini broncs for the event. He also supplies the mini broncs to the world championships in Las Vegas.

Zach Sargent came all the way from Texas to work for the Upper Green River Cattle Association. "I saw a job posting, so I brought my two horses and $200 bucks, and Iíll be working here Ďtill November," he said.

Slade Morton told me that if Iíd like to see a cattle drive, I can catch one between Dunham Road and Ryegrass at daybreak on Wednesday. It is Barney Ranch cattle and crew.

Please let me know if I made any name errors and Iíll fix them. If you know who the unknown cowboys are, please let me know and Iíll give them a name. You are welcome to share the photos among yourselves. I also sell hi-rez prints in case somebody wants to send one to family or something.


Ella Shows Her Stuff. Photo by Terry Allen.
Ella Shows Her Stuff

Thinking About the Ride. Photo by Terry Allen.
Thinking About the Ride

Clint Reads the Rules. Photo by Terry Allen.
Clint Reads the Rules

Queen of the Rodeo. Photo by Terry Allen.
Queen of the Rodeo

Tayson. Photo by Terry Allen.

Beans and Stinky Feet. Photo by Terry Allen.
Beans and Stinky Feet

Wade. Photo by Terry Allen.

Zach Sargent. Photo by Terry Allen.
Zach Sargent

Cole Butner. Photo by Terry Allen.
Cole Butner

Tilly Roping. Photo by Terry Allen.
Tilly Roping

Brody. Photo by Terry Allen.

Unknown 1. Photo by Terry Allen.
Unknown 1

Unknown 2. Photo by Terry Allen.
Unknown 2

Bronc 1. Photo by Terry Allen.
Bronc 1

Bronc 2. Photo by Terry Allen.
Bronc 2

A Quiet Place to Prepare. Photo by Terry Allen.
A Quiet Place to Prepare

Buck. Photo by Terry Allen.

The Announcer. Photo by Terry Allen.
The Announcer

Ready to Ride. Photo by Terry Allen.
Ready to Ride

Final Advice. Photo by Terry Allen.
Final Advice

Kash Lish. Photo by Terry Allen.
Kash Lish

Of Horses and Women. Photo by Terry Allen.
Of Horses and Women

Prize Money. Photo by Terry Allen.
Prize Money

Phil McGinnis. Photo by Terry Allen.
Phil McGinnis

A Cowgirl at Rest. Photo by Terry Allen.
A Cowgirl at Rest
Pinedale Online > News > June 2016 > A Ranch Rodeo Father's Day

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