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Jelly and Makeup Girl Shyann. Photo by Pinedale Online.
Jelly and Makeup Girl Shyann

Old School Photo. Photo by Terry Allen.
Old School Photo

Artie Trotta. Photo by Terry Allen.
Artie Trotta

Boulder 4-H. Photo by Terry Allen.
Boulder 4-H

Homemade Bread. Photo by Terry Allen.
Homemade Bread
Boulder Bazaar
by Terry Allen
April 3, 2016

The Annual Boulder Bazaar was held Saturday, April 2. It was the second bazaar held since the remodel of the historic school house a couple years ago.

Dan Stead had his safety trailer set up outside and was busy re-filling fire extinguishers. "I'm adapting my business to the new conditions of the gas field slow down," he said. "I still do equipment certifications, safety consulting and training."

In the mudroom or what we might call a foyer these days, there is a nice collection of historic photos from at least 1909. Everyone in the photos look tall and thin and serious, but there is a tall bottle on a table next to a teacher that looks an awful lot like a wine or beer bottle. Perhaps it was lunch time.

Rachel and Clarissa Howard call their business Jeans and Things. They make shoulder bags, quilts, flowers out of denim and other reclaimed fabric. They also make rugs on a loom. Their Mother sent a few loaves of homemade wheat bread wrapped in brown paper to sell.

The old Lion's Den folks were there selling some of their beautiful home furnishings. Anyone know the story of the old ski train photo? Seems very familiar.

Randy Reed displayed an amazing variety of antique collectables. "The most unusual thing I have is a Philadelphia Coil Company medical device," he said. "You plug it into a socket and attach the other end to various parts of your body and turn it on. It's supposed to cure you. Seems sort of snake-oilish to me," he said. "But, it comes in a nice dove-tailed mahogany box, so who knows?"

Artie Trotta was looking authentic in his 40 year old Resistol hat as he helped his daughter Erin run her Happy Endings Animal Rescue table, but he was kind enough to allow the photographer to take an interesting shot or two.

Shyann Hoopes was standing next to her Aunt Makayla Whitney and was looking sort of radiant. "I came here without any makeup on and Makayla gave me a make-over," she said. "I like how it makes my face light up."

Grandmother Chadwick was selling some "Love" pictures made from rocks to hang on a wall. We asked her where she got the rocks. "I got the rocks from the dollar store because they were all ready clean and shiny," she said.

On the way out the door, a whiff of baked goods pulled the photographer into another room where he was gifted with a nice blueberry muffin. Some boys from the Boulder Renegades were selling donuts, cookies, rice crispy treats and such, to raise money for sheep equipment for their 4-H projects. They did pretty darn good for a bake sale in a little town of 170 population. $320.00

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Randy Reed. Photo by Terry Allen.
Randy Reed

Amber and her Jewelry. Photo by Terry Allen.
Amber and her Jewelry

DS Safety. Photo by Terry Allen.
DS Safety

Jeans and Things. Photo by Terry Allen.
Jeans and Things

Happy Endings Animal Rescue. Photo by Terry Allen.
Happy Endings Animal Rescue

Old Ski Train Photo. Photo by Terry Allen.
Old Ski Train Photo

Love Rocks. Photo by Terry Allen.
Love Rocks

Building Exterior. Photo by Terry Allen.
Building Exterior

Makayla and Shyann. Photo by Terry Allen.
Makayla and Shyann

Old Piano. Photo by Terry Allen.
Old Piano
Pinedale Online > News > April 2016 > Boulder Bazaar

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