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The Start. Photo by Terry Allen.
The Start

Jerrid Washburn. Photo by Terry Allen.
Jerrid Washburn

From Amsterdam. Photo by Terry Allen.
From Amsterdam

Thirsty Finisher. Photo by Terry Allen.
Thirsty Finisher

The Q Crew. Photo by Terry Allen.
The Q Crew

Ava Davis. Photo by Terry Allen.
Ava Davis
Bacon eating age 97
Pinedale Half-Marathon 2015
by Terry Allen
September 30, 2015

From as near as the Sublette Center Retirement Home to as far away as Amsterdam, Netherlands, runners, walkers and rollers tensed at the starting line waiting for the crack of the pistol to release them onto the race course.

They charged uphill through autumnís golden leaves that drifted onto the trail. The foliage soon gave way to the faded green sage brush that lines Fremont Lake.

There on the flat south end of the lake, the sun beat down on eventual menís half marathon winner Jerrid Washburn of Green River. "This is by far our favorite race. If you are going to do a race, you should come up and do this one," he said. "Thatís why we keep coming back and making it a family event."

Only one minute behind ran a determined Kris Holmes of Daniel who finished with a silver medal.

Abigail Bever of Rock Springs, celebrated her 25th birthday as the winner of the womenís half marathon. "My family came out to run with me. I could not have asked for a better gift," she said. What did it take for Abigail to become a winning runner? "When I used to run in college, I always felt like I had to be serious at every race," she said. "Since then, I have chosen to approach races with the mindset of enjoying the atmosphere and fellow competitors. I have done my best running since I took this approach and I encourage other runners to do the same."

The several watering stations lining the course were staffed with volunteers dressed like the Pink Ladies in a Grease movie. Sweating runners and pink staff coordinated their movements like relay runners to hand off the dixie cups without dropping them.

Local running legend, Ken Konicek felt challenged by the half marathon. "It was hard," he said. "I didnít punch it too hard today. Iím doing the 10K also and Iím getting ready for the New York marathon in three weeks."

Surprise last minute entrants, Tessa and Mark Eerenberg of Amsterdam, Netherlands just happened to see the race posted online the day before the race. They looked at last years results and thought something was funny about a 10K with times of 45 minutes. "We figured it out in the first 5K, it was all uphill," said Tessa. "This is a short race for us, but with the hills and altitude, we are happy it wasnít longer."

Denise Tegler felt she went a little slower than she was hoping for, but still finished the womenís half marathon with a third place win. "Iím glad I did it," she said. "My result is encouraging, and I really love the camaraderie between runners. I love this community."

Ava Davis, age 97 of Big Piney, was the oldest entrant we found and she rolled her wheel chair in the one mile race. "I didnít do anything special to prepare for the race or to live this long," she said. "I eat bacon and everything."

Little three-month old Sakara Verska might have been the youngest entrant and felt it was so easy she slept her way through most of the race.

Then there is Jim Diego who is on a personal quest to run 50 half marathons in 50 states in one year. So far he has run in thirty-seven of them. He also sang the national anthem to open the race. Jim was observed along the course...partying and waving and shaking hands, so it is no surprise he finished sixty-three out of eighty-nine.

Finally, a few words from our race organizer, Nora Farrand:

"For the past 12 years, the Pinedale Half Marathon has provided a fun and healthy opportunity for residents and visitors alike to enjoy what is often one of the last nice days of the summer (the race takes place each year on the fourth Saturday of September). Participants choose to run or walk any of the three courses Ė a half marathon (13.1 miles), 10K (6.2 miles), or 1 mile. The event attracts serious runners as well as families looking for some exercise and senior citizens glad to be taking part in a truly community event and concludes with a free community BBQ.

The PHM Committee relies on a cadre of volunteers and local sponsors and contributors to put on such a top notch event. Jonah Energy (PHM's premier sponsor), the Pinedale Lions Club, Sue Eversull, Tim Ruland of PFAC, Mindi Crabb (our announcer), the local banks (WFB, 1st Bank, BOSC) and the Baymont Inn are just a few of the sponsors and contributors to our event. The list of 50 plus volunteers who make up the PHM team, do everything from setting up the course, and then breaking down the course, stuffing bags, manning registration and bag pickup, bicycle patrolling the course, passing out water, course guidance, awarding medals at the finish line, and cleaning up at the end of the event, is too long to list all their names individually, but without their willingness to come out and help year after year, there would be no Pinedale Half Marathon event."

Results can be found at:

For story corrections or to buy prints, please contact Terry at 307-231-5355 or

Must Have Been Easy. Photo by Terry Allen.
Must Have Been Easy

Abigail Bever. Photo by Terry Allen.
Abigail Bever

Papoose Finisher. Photo by Terry Allen.
Papoose Finisher

Wisdom T-shirt. Photo by Terry Allen.
Wisdom T-shirt

Washburn Kids. Photo by Terry Allen.
Washburn Kids

The Twins From Lander. Photo by Terry Allen.
The Twins From Lander

The Main Course. Photo by Terry Allen.
The Main Course

Grease Girls. Photo by Terry Allen.
Grease Girls

Shuttle Buses in the Morning. Photo by Terry Allen.
Shuttle Buses in the Morning

Ida and Wes. Photo by Terry Allen.
Ida and Wes

Music Man Tim. Photo by Terry Allen.
Music Man Tim

50 in 50 Jim Diego. Photo by Terry Allen.
50 in 50 Jim Diego

Waiting for a Runner. Photo by Terry Allen.
Waiting for a Runner

Representing BLM. Photo by Terry Allen.
Representing BLM

Salt Streaks. Photo by Terry Allen.
Salt Streaks

Sakara Verska 3 Months. Photo by Terry Allen.
Sakara Verska 3 Months

Snow Machine Raffle. Photo by Terry Allen.
Snow Machine Raffle

Full Porch Swing. Photo by Terry Allen.
Full Porch Swing

Relaxing in the Sun. Photo by Terry Allen.
Relaxing in the Sun

A Runner's Lunch. Photo by Terry Allen.
A Runner's Lunch

Running Couple. Photo by Terry Allen.
Running Couple

How Did I do?. Photo by Terry Allen.
How Did I do?

Hip Kid. Photo by Terry Allen.
Hip Kid

I Only Have Eyes For You. Photo by Terry Allen.
I Only Have Eyes For You

The Pig Squealed. Photo by Terry Allen.
The Pig Squealed
That's Why He's on the Grill

Jill Awards Medal. Photo by Terry Allen.
Jill Awards Medal

Denise Tegler. Photo by Terry Allen.
Denise Tegler

Abigail Bever. Photo by Terry Allen.
Abigail Bever

Ken Konicek. Photo by Terry Allen.
Ken Konicek

Power Whiskers. Photo by Terry Allen.
Power Whiskers

Getting a Closer Look. Photo by Terry Allen.
Getting a Closer Look

Support. Photo by Terry Allen.

Trike Family. Photo by Terry Allen.
Trike Family

Big Smile. Photo by Terry Allen.
Big Smile

One Mile Finisher. Photo by Terry Allen.
One Mile Finisher

Eyes on Finish. Photo by Terry Allen.
Eyes on Finish

Getting Massage. Photo by Terry Allen.
Getting Massage

Baymont Volunteers. Photo by Terry Allen.
Baymont Volunteers

Fall Color. Photo by Terry Allen.
Fall Color

215 at the finish. Photo by Terry Allen.
215 at the finish

Two-Fisted Runner. Photo by Terry Allen.
Two-Fisted Runner

Lunch in the Leaves. Photo by Terry Allen.
Lunch in the Leaves

Clay. Photo by Terry Allen.

Meat Cutter Phil. Photo by Terry Allen.
Meat Cutter Phil

Full House. Photo by Terry Allen.
Full House

High Energy. Photo by Terry Allen.
High Energy

Signing Up. Photo by Terry Allen.
Signing Up

Big Piney Friends. Photo by Terry Allen.
Big Piney Friends

Tree Climber. Photo by Terry Allen.
Tree Climber

Randy and Rick. Photo by Terry Allen.
Randy and Rick

Runner Muffin's. Photo by Terry Allen.
Runner Muffin's

Lake 10K'ers. Photo by Terry Allen.
Lake 10K'ers

Preparing Medals. Photo by Terry Allen.
Preparing Medals

Men's Half Winner. Photo by Terry Allen.
Men's Half Winner

Checking Results. Photo by Terry Allen.
Checking Results

Autumn Leaves. Photo by Terry Allen.
Autumn Leaves

Kris Holmes Family. Photo by Terry Allen.
Kris Holmes Family
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