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Pinedale Online > News > May 2015 > Town of Pinedale update: Municipal Code Enforcement
Town of Pinedale update: Municipal Code Enforcement
by Parris Crooks, Municipal Code Enforcement Officer
May 9, 2015

Hello this is Parris Crooks, Municipal Code Enforcement Officer for the Town of Pinedale. We at the Municipal Code Enforcement Department work to enforce the Town Code to help ensure the safety of the citizens of Pinedale. I know it doesnít always seem that way but that is our goal. With this in mind, I would like to note that we do enforce parking, municipal, and animal ordinances. There are a couple parking ordinances that I would like to point out; parking with the driverís side to the roadway; this allows your reflective tail lights to be easily seen by traffic no matter the weather conditions or time of day, and the other ordinance; parking where prohibited by sign. Most parking control signs, here in the Town of Pinedale, are put up to ensure that traffic has the visibility necessary to navigate the roads safely. Please take note of traffic control signs and fire hydrants, as well, leaving a distance of 15-20 feet between your vehicle and them.

Please remember that there is indeed a leash law in the Town of Pinedale. If dogs are off of the property of the owner/keeper of the dog, it must be on a leash of a length no longer than 10 feet and under control of a responsible person. This does not apply to dogs confined in a vehicle. We often get comments from citizens stating that they do not feel that they or their dog is safe when taking a walk. We are told that it is because the owners of the other dog(s) do not have their dog on a leash. Your dog may indeed be friendly and you may have good verbal control, but that is difficult for anyone to tell from distance, no matter how short. A leash is a clear, visible way for other dog owners to know that you have your dog under a higher degree of control, and enables them to feel safer while out with their dog.

After 24 years of working for the Town of Pinedale, Municipal Code Enforcement Officer, Julie Early is retiring this fall. The Town will be hiring a full-time Municipal Code Enforcement Officer to take her position. This position will entail enforcement of the Town Code. This is all non-criminal portions of the Town Code, including Animal Control. Hours of work can be variable, may sometimes be late and include weekends. If you are interested in applying, please stop at Town Hall, 210 W. Pine St and pick up an application.

If you have any questions concerning the Town Code, the ordinances we enforce, or what I have mentioned here, please call the Municipal Code Enforcement Department, 307-367-3892. I hope you have an excellent week! Thank you for your time.

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