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Pinedale Online > News > May 2015 > Pinedale Community Cleanup Day 2015

Tyler Kothe and Toni Dunning. Photo by Terry Allen.
Tyler Kothe and Toni Dunning
Photo by Terry Allen

Dahl family. Photo by Terry Allen.
Dahl family
Kate and Gordon Dahl
Pinedale Community Cleanup Day 2015
by Terry Allen
May 21, 2015

The 2015 Community Cleanup Day was attended by 125 trash pickers, if the 125 meals at Rendezvous Pointe and served by Lions Club volunteers is any indication of volunteer turnout.

Supporting groups included, The Lions Club, Tesoro Logistics, Jonah Energy, 1st Bank, Ultra Petroleum, Linn Energy. Town of Pinedale, Ridleyís Family Markets, Sublette County, KFZE.Rendezvous Point contributed the building and the delicious salad.

Jeanne Brown, Chair of Main Street was pleased with the turnout and the good weather. "This is our second year hosting the Community Clean up and we hope to make it an annual event," she said. "We are grateful for such wide community support. A lot of the crew came for cleanup and then had to go and do other projects. Dave Pawlowski went and branded for the Nobles afterward."

Dillon Jay Bazzle got lucky and found some wrapped Easter candy that hadnít been found at the Boyd Skinner hunt. "But, Iím not going to eat it," he said.

Jocei Helm thought her families most unusual finds were Cheeze Whiz and an old deer leg.

Most Unique Finds
Rhubarb wire, 2 Christmas trees, Black tarp, Can of cheese whiz, Strainer, Half a clothespin, Wire, Firecracker, Juice box, Duck Dynasty hat, Shirt, Hair curler, Animal figure, Deer leg, Muffler, Rusted car key, Rusted lock, Foam insulation, Barbwire, Swimming pool, Dog-training tool, Hoof pick, Motor chain, Badminton birdie, Wrench, Nerf bullet, Carpet, Handsaw, Tires, Lawnmower, Metal pipe, Windows, Hairband, Plastic bolt & nut, Fishing line & lure, Styrofoam cup, Mustard packet, Toenail, Shower drain, Cement, Metal siding, Bouncy ball, Cork, Winter glove, 2 condoms (used & disgusting), Highchair top, Tar bucket, Saucer, Blue sponge, Broken 2x4 board, 2 dental floss sticks, Electrical tape, Insulation, Make up, Flip flop, Pier 1 broken plate, Cell phone, Ankle brace, 2 full bottles of Coors beer, Burlap, Scissor lift for manure, Golf club, Submerged golf ball, Hacky sack, Old fishing lure, Housing trim, Asphalt roofing, Ticks, A big moose (in Pine Creek by TU). Bird egg, Broken LP record.

Bazzle family. Photo by Terry Allen.
Bazzle family
ShannAn and Dillon Bazzle

Clean Up. Photo by Terry Allen.
Clean Up
Pinedale Online > News > May 2015 > Pinedale Community Cleanup Day 2015

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