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Pinedale Online > News > October 2014 > Partial solar eclipse Thursday, Oct. 23
Partial solar eclipse Thursday, Oct. 23
October 22, 2014

Sky watchers will get to see a partial solar eclipse darken the sky late Thursday afternoon, October 23rd. The eclipse will be visible to nearly all of North America and should begin around 3-3:30PM and last until nearly 5PM for Wyoming viewers.

DO NOT, AT ANY TIME, LOOK DIRECTLY AT THE SUN. Looking directly at the sun with unprotected eyes, even during a partial eclipse, can cause permanent eye damage or blindness. Ordinary sunglasses will NOT provide enough protection to view a solar eclipse. Even stacking multiple pairs of sunglasses on your head will not be safe. Direct viewing should only be done through a safe solar filter.

The NASA website has these suggestions for safe eclipse viewing: "During the eclipse, don't forget to look at the ground. Beneath a leafy tree, you might be surprised to find hundreds of crescent-shaped sunbeams dappling the grass. Overlapping leaves create a myriad of natural little pinhole cameras, each one casting an image of the crescent-sun onto the ground beneath the canopy. When the eclipsed sun approaches the horizon, look for the same images cast on walls or fences behind the trees. Here's another trick: Criss-cross your fingers waffle-style and let the sun shine through the matrix of holes. You can cast crescent suns on sidewalks, driveways, friends, cats and dogs—you name it. Unlike a total eclipse, which lasts no more than a few minutes while the sun and Moon are perfectly aligned, the partial eclipse will goes on for more than an hour, plenty of time for this kind of shadow play."

See this link for more info and suggestions on creating a simple, safe viewing box and other viewing techniques: Sky and Telescope

Click on this link for more information about the eclipse from

Pinedale Online > News > October 2014 > Partial solar eclipse Thursday, Oct. 23

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