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Winner. Photo by Alexandra Edwards.
Winner, Amber Brown sings "I’m so tired". Photo courtesy Alexandra Edwards.

What does the fox say?. Photo by Alexandra Edwards.
What does the fox say?
Emily DiBlasi, Alex Edwards and Lindsay Stephenson in "What does the fox say?" Photo courtesy Alexandra Edwards.

A Womans Work. Photo by Alexandra Edwards.
A Womans Work
The annual ‘A Woman’s Work’ Lip Sync was held at the Sublette County Fairgrounds this year. Photo courtesy Alexandra Edwards.
Lyp Sync
Fundraiser for ‘A Woman’s Work’
October 10, 2013

‘A Woman’s Work’ held its annual Lip Sync fundraiser on Saturday, October 12th at the Sublette County Fairgrounds. The zany event is one of several annual events this community organization holds each year to raise funds for the financial assistance of women in need in Big Piney, Marbleton and LaBarge.

About ‘A Woman’s Work’:
A Woman's Work (AWW) is a donor-advised fund that provides assistance to women who live in Sublette County School District #9. Needs may encompass: mortgage payments, rent, utilities, daycare, auto repair, tuition, and a host of other issues. All women who receive grants from AWW must live or work within School District #9 for at least 45 days and be referred by a local non-profit, school, church or AWW Board Member. These agencies must give with the request the assurance that all other community funding avenues have been contacted and exhausted.

When AWW receives notice of a woman in crisis, the board is e-mailed immediately with only the request information and not the woman's identity (confidentiality is a priority). If the request is approved, the needed funds are delivered to the appropriate partner or vendor to satisfy the need. What sets AWW apart from other organizations of assistance is that help is granted within 48 hours. AWW only asks of the grant recipient that they perform an act of kindness to someone in the community within 60 days of being helped and report back to AWW. All contributions are tax deductable.

AWW is lead by an appointed Executive Director who oversees a board of nine. The board comprises of committees and sub-committees that assist with the diverse needs of the organization.

Contact information:
A Woman’s Work
Director: Kathy Raper
Board Members: Jamie Jenkins, Jen Taylor, Cindy Jackelen, Mandy Moffat, Kris Blair, Carolyn Fowler, Lindsay Stephenson, Eleanor Johnston, Amber Marino, Alex Edwards

Phone: 307-276-3098 or 307-231-0261

Mailing Address:
A Woman’s Work
PO BOX 435
Big Piney, WY 83113

Photos courtesy Alexandra Edwards

Finale. Photo by Alexandra Edwards.
Kris Blair announces the winner, Amber Brown. Photo courtesy Alexandra Edwards.

Lyp Sync fun. Photo by Alexandra Edwards.
Lyp Sync fun
Cody Raza (L) with black hair and Jim Anschutz (R). Photo courtesy Alexandra Edwards.

Macho Macho Man. Photo by Alexandra Edwards.
Macho Macho Man
Bill Blair, one of six performers in "Macho Macho Man". Photo courtesy Alexandra Edwards.
Pinedale Online > News > October 2013 > Lyp Sync

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