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Pinedale Online > News > September 2013 > Fall fly fishing report
Fall fly fishing report
by Mike Kaul, Two Rivers Emporium
September 28, 2013

(Sept. 28, 2013) Our late summer monsoon season which usually features some afternoon thunder showers has turned into the real thing this season. The jet stream has brought heavily laden moisture cells into our region that dumped a lot of rain in various places throughout the county. The effect on our streams and river has been dramatic. The Upper Green River for example was dribbling along at 190 cfs in mid August and after the monsoon started, climbed to nearly 500 cfs before settling around 300 cfs. All the larger streams show improvement in flow rates and the water remains clear and very fishable.

Unlike last year, both the Green and New Fork Rivers present good drift boat fishing opportunities due to the increase water flow. The water temperatures have cooled and the fish are actively feeding. The Brown trout have become more active as they prepare to commence spawning and the Rainbows are also feeding well.

We are getting some surface action on the New Fork and Green Rivers when the temperature, cloud cover and wind conditions are right. The trout are still very interested in large terrestrial patterns like hoppers, bugmeisters and PMX’s. It is always a good idea to trail these surface flies with a nymph pattern, sizes 14-16. If the fish are not feeding in the upper part of the water column, work the deeper water with various colored woolly buggers and other large streamer patterns. The trout holding deeper in the water will also respond well to smaller nymph and egg patterns if they are dead drifted into these feeding zones. If the temperature warms up to the mid-fifties in the afternoon and the wind and cloud cover are right, we experience a BWO and Caddis hatch. This brings feeding trout up in the water column and presents good surface action.

Fly fishing remains generally good, but the angler must be prepared for periods of inclement weather when a front moves into the area. This will occur more frequently as late fall approaches.

Please feel free to contact us for current fishing conditions. (307-367-4131 or1-800-329-4353) or visit our web site.

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