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Pinedale Online > News > November 2011 > 3 new local books make great holiday gifts

Big Piney Marbleton book. Photo by Ann Chambers Noble.
Big Piney Marbleton book

All in a Day's Ride. Photo by Paul Jensen.
All in a Day's Ride

The Guardian Team. Photo by Cat Urbigit.
The Guardian Team
3 new local books make great holiday gifts
by Pinedale Online!
November 27, 2011

Three local authors have recently released books, just in time for the holiday season!

"Images of America: Big Piney and Marbleton" By Ann Chambers Noble
The Images of America series of books celebrate the towns, cities and neighborhoods across the country. Over 200 photos. Using many never-before published photos, this 128-page soft-cover book showcases the early neighboring towns Big Piney and Marbleton in Sublette County, Wyoming. The area was home to family-operated cattle ranches starting in 1878. Big Piney was founded in 1913. Realizing the new town was located basically in a boggy area, others began another settlement on a nearby higher terrace, incorporating the town of Marbleton in 1914. The two towns have grown together, yet maintaining their separate identities, just a mile apart. Photos include early homesteads, the growth of the two communities, cattle ranching, and early oil and gas exploration. Highlights include tie hack days, cattle drives, brandings, haying, early schools, CCC days, rodeos and family life. Photographs in the book were drawn from the Green River Valley Museum and from family collections of long-time area residents. (Book signings: Dec. 2 at the Museum of the Mountain Man Wreath Auction -Rendezvous Pointe 6-9PM; Dec. 5 Big Piney Library, 6PM; Dec. 10 Cowboy Shop in Pinedale after the parade)

"All in a Day’s Ride – Life along Horse Creek in the Wyoming Range – An Enduring Legacy" by Paul Jensen
His third book, Paul Jensen has researched the history and characters who lived along Horse Creek near Daniel, Wyoming. Chapters include the origin of the Horse Creek name, Benjamin Bonneville and Fort Nonsense, Dr. John Montrose, the tie hacks, early homesteaders, infamous and novel men, George Harley, William "Pops" Snider, Andre "Frenchie" Germain, Harve Scott, Patrick Conwell, Austin Richardson, Clarence Webb, Gordon Jewett, Ed Todd, Diane Boroff and Bob Beard. Other items covered includes the Mill Creek Tie Hack Camp, Sherman Guard Station, Merna Schoolhouse, Merna Store and Bar, Lew Binning’s homestead, Irwin homestead, Thomas Odle’s homestead. Proceeds from the sale of the book go to the Daniel Community Center. 191 pages, soft-cover.

"The Guardian Team – On the Job with Rena and Roo" – by Cat Urbigkit
Cat's latest children's book, The Guardian Team: On the Job with Rena and Roo, follows two very different creatures--a dog and a burro, who work on the Urbigkit family ranch as livestock guardian animals. Roo is an orphaned wild burro taken in by Cat and her husband; Rena is the runt of the recent litter of Akbash puppies. Through heartwarming text and gorgeous photographs, the book chronicles their lives as the two overcome their fear of each other and differences to share the same goal, to protect their herd of sheep out on the Urbigkit ranch in western Wyoming.

All three books are available locally at the Cowboy Shop ( and Office Outlet (307-367-6763) in Pinedale, Office Outlet in Big Piney (307-276-5250), and online book dealers.

Pinedale Online > News > November 2011 > 3 new local books make great holiday gifts

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