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Pinedale Online > News > June 2011 > Fishing Report June 20, 2011
Fishing Report June 20, 2011
by Mike Kaul, Two Rivers Emporium
June 23, 2011

We have water everywhere, but only some of it is fishable. The run-off has started in earnest causing a significant increase in most stream flows. The stream water is off-color for the most part, but still offers fishing opportunities at the headwaters. The problem is getting to the headwaters since many roads are still not passable. Our drainages are registering over 100% of normal snow pack with high moisture content, so it looks like we will be in this mode for the next few weeks.

We are getting many phone calls asking what the water conditions will be during the fishing season. Historically, we project our prime fly fishing water conditions to be from the second week in July to the second week in September. I caveat this general report by stating some of the stretches of the Green River may not offer ideal floating conditions due to low water levels during late August.

I believe the amount of snow we currently have in the Wind River Mountains will change the water level dynamic this season, and we should have decent flows on the Green well into late summer and early fall. It would be great if some of the snow pack remained in the mountains to begin replenishing our glacier system. The only thing that would change this projection is a massive heat wave occurring over the next few weeks, which does not seem likely based on current day and night temperatures. The ideal would be daytime temperatures in the mid seventies with the night temperatures staying around forty. This type weather pattern will release the low snow pack into the stream systems creating a beneficial flush for the stream beds, but the cool nights will moderate the release of water at the higher elevations.

We have become accustom to lighter run-offs earlier in the spring during the drought situation we have experienced over the past decade, so we will have to learn to cope with a more traditional moisture cycle. My best guess is that our streams will begin to clear and moderate about the third week in July this season. They may still be a little high, but they will be fishable. The conditions for fishing will depend on temperatures the rest June and early July. The way things look now, we may have high water conditions well into early July, but hopefully this will translate into good water flows in late summer and throughout the fall.

Even though the streams are in a full run-off mode, there are fish catching opportunities. Many of the trout, particularly the spring spawners, Rainbow and Cutthroat, will begin moving out of the larger river systems into smaller tributaries. Confronted with high, swift water the fish will choose feeding stations deeper in the water column where there is less current force or they will hang out near banks and in breakwater areas below structures like rocks or other barriers

We have many fine lakes here in Sublette County that offer excellent still-water fishing. The Lake trout are starting to get active and will be cruising up higher in the water column looking to dine on Rainbow fry and fingerlings.

Please feel free to contact us for current fishing conditions. Phone: 307-367-4131 or1-800-329-4353 or visit our web site., email:

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